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Does any one can kindly tell me what is H-dev mean ? Recently I meet many DDTS about H-dev. I don't know what different with H-dev and G+ release like [7.0(3)I7]   So if someone know that could you please tell me about this ?   They are totally diffe...

yusong by Cisco Employee
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Hello   We attempted to enable QoS on our edge Nexus 9k pair for a couple of public facing URLs as follows:   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! define qos policy-map   policy-map type qos classify  class CC-servers     set qos-group 1  class class...

aok by Beginner
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Resolved! Mgmt VRF Nexus

Hi quick question.    How to have two Gateways for management?    For example:    vrf context management ip route mgmt0 ip route mgmt0   The above idea is to have both and be able to manage the ...

Good afternoon friends,   We are a non for profit agency and albeit the setup is about 10 years old, we were gifted all of the network hardware from a company in downtown Chicago.   In the one rack, there are 2 Cisco Nexus 5548P switches installed at...

David Hunt by Beginner
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For a couple of years ago I heard from a system engineer at Cisco that it is not recomended to connect a router to a FEX port if the router are running a routing protokoll to a upstream router. It was something about connection it to FEX could distru...