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Hello,On a nexus switch when i run the command "show int capability", it shows "Pvlan Trunk capable:   no". Does this mean the interface is not capable of being used as a trunk interface to carry Private VLAN tagged traffic.I have two switches conenc...

mjt by Beginner
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Hi,My factory is made up of a one Cisco Nexus 5672UP switch and I have a DCNM server with DCNM-SAN-N5K-K9 licenses installed. when I run the show licenses usage command on the switch, I find that "FM_SERVER_PKG not use".How to force the switch to use...

abdel1 by Beginner
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Resolved! Nexus 5596T query

Do we need to buy transceivers for 10GbaseT 32 port Integrated?Or can i connect 10G server connects directly to 3210GbaseT port.Can i use 1G port as well in this module 32-10GbaseT port

Hi, The Nexus grace period  for the FC feature is expired, so the DCNM Server can only shows le LAN feature for Nexus. There is a way that I can activate FC feature temporary to allow me to add the nexus to the DCNM server with her valid license. BRM...

Hello,I'm trying to deploy a Nexus 9000v but for some reason it wont boot.I tried both with the OVA file and the .vmdk for a new VM (vSphere) with no avail.The VM hangs during boot and stops at loader> prompt if restarted. If a boot image is specifie...

gsabbadini by Beginner
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Dear All,One of my customer looking for top of rack (TOR switches ) Nexus Series. Their requirement is as below.Requirement==========10 GB ports x 6 ports ( SFP +)1 GB ports x 3 ports ( Copper SFP)I checked on nexus series but most of the switches pr...

Everything that you need to know for the Nexus vPC technology!

Customer needs a solution for High availability enterprise backbone, where the following are proposed:Two NG firewalls are proposed in High Availability for network perimeter (Internet side)Two Nexus 9508 (each with 4 FM, 2 Sup, 9564TX and 9564PX lin...

Do you know if VXLAN can be used for Layer-2 connectivity between multiple data centers?  Most of all the documentation that i've come across is related to VxLAN w/in data centers; I have a customer inquiring if they can use VXLAN between (4) Data Ce...

dgowens by Enthusiast
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