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I see this advertised on the main community page for the Nexus 1000V:Free Evaluation This program includes everything you need: VMware software, Cisco Nexus 1000V & Virtual Security Gateway (VSG) software, evaluation licenses, and installation docum...

stklein by Cisco Employee
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I've got a 1000v environment on 1.4(a) and vSphere 4.1. Currently there are DVS across Dev and 2 prod environments. I'd like to be able to upgrade the vCenter to 5.1 before upgrading the 1000v's, however the compatibility doc for 1.4(a) doesn't menti...

jconides by Beginner
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With the advanced edition of the Nexus 1000V the VSG is included. Now do you get one VSG license for every VEM 1000V license you have or is the VSG license unlimited but you would just need VEM license to use it anyways? I am a bit confused. I am abo...

markcis76h by Beginner
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I am trying to do netconf on a Nexus 1KV for VMware Orchestrator automation.  Initially I am trying to just send the hello thru ssh.  I receive the hello from the server, then send the hello XML from the XML API documentation.  And nothing happens.  ...

jcallen123 by Beginner
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All,Can someone clearly define the boudaries of a DVS with regard to vCenter?Reason I ask, is because if we look at the configuration limitations for the 1000v, under vEthernet interfaces, it shows 2k per DVS, but we see that each VEM/Host can have u...

Hello,I have a virtual lab with VMware Workstation 9 on the physical host OS.Within VMware Workstation I have two ESXi 5.1 hosts and a vCenter 5.1 VM.I managed to install Nexus 1000v distributed switch in vSphere.Within vSphere I have a NetApp Simula...

Hi,alls!I have some questions of nexus 1kv below,I wish someone will help me,thanks!1.How can I add the vem host to vsm without vc?     I can add the vem to vsm with vc successfully. But I want to know can i do it without vc?2.Can i add two nics of t...

Whent VSM lose connectivity with VEM's (sometimes happends but I don't know why) I got this logs:2012 Nov  3 07:24:31.363 sv4025-01 %VEM_MGR-2-VEM_MGR_REMOVE_NO_HB: Removing VEM 5 (heartbeats lost)2012 Nov  3 07:24:31.364 sv4025-01 %VEM_MGR-2-VEM_MGR...

helenio by Beginner
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