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Moving VSM Guest to VEM host

I'm having trouble getting my VSM to work on a host with a VEM installed. I have 5 ESX 4U1 hosts. VEM is running on the first 4. The VSM is running alone on the 5th host without a VEM.My procedure to move the VSM to another hosts is this:1) Save runn...

hypnotoad by Participant
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Nexus 1000V QoS White paper

Trying to find detailed QoS information for the Nexus 1000V, I’ve looked at the QoS configuration guide, but it lacks some detail around how to prioritize the service console and VKernel traffic.  Do you have any whitepapers or best practice docs th...

jbuongio by Beginner
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iSCSI performance

Hi everyone,We've been working through and managed to get our 3 vSphere servers onto the N1KV. What our server team has noticed is that if we restore a 20 gig image of a server from iSCSI when iSCSI traffic is on one NIC (vSwitch was the test for thi...


First off, thanks everyone who has answered my small barrage of questions lately, both on and off-line. We've really been making progress in our N1KV rollout and it's much appreciated.Hopefully this one is an easy one. I was reading the 1000v product...

Nexus 1000v and LACP

I'd like to know if anyone has  successfully configured LACP on 1000V? I'm having problem with LACP  where etherchannels are not establishing. If I don't use LACP, and turn  on etherchannel unconditionally, then it works fine. My 1000v is  connected ...

felixjai by Beginner
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svs domain in l3 mode, issues

Hi all,Just looking for some guidance here to get connected to my VCenter server. I am running my svs domain in l3 mode since my vCenter server is on a separate subnet from my VSM. I have verified I have connectivity to the box, and there aren't any ...

1000v on UCS

What's been the experience with running the 1000v VSM on a UCS blade where the Blade is also running a VEM? Thought I had a solid configuration with HA failover but something happened and it all blew up... and all 6 of my hosts disappeared from the V...

jbain44 by Enthusiast
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N1kv on UCS (MenloQ)

hi all,this week i have tested the deployment of a N1kv on our UCS test system.Everything worked fine after i have disabled the fabric failover option of each vNIC in the service profiles.With the failover option enabled the VEMs could not connect to...

L3 AIPC Mode

Anybody have any good info on L3 AIPC mode becuase Cisco hasn't updated their Docs yet. I like the idea of L3 and not having to have the Packet and Control VLAN's around. At least that was my understanding until there was a crash. Now I'm dealing wit...

jbain44 by Enthusiast
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Guest port is up but blocked

Hi,I'm running into a problem with Guests's ports in a blocked state.  From the vSphere interface the ports are in a blocked state (see attachment).  From the Nexus CLI I get this:nexus-1# sh interface status------------------------------------------...

cajalat by Beginner
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