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Hi all,I have two Cisco 2960 connected each other, and two hosts  ESXi 4.1 with one uplink to each switch.With the Vmware Standard vSwitch all VMs work properly, but with nexus 1000v only the VMs that were pinned to first uplink work have access to m...

rscaldeira by Level 1
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Hi,This is a long and boring post, but please bear with me I have a vSphere environnement with around 20 ESXi. All ESXi have 2 Intel 10GB NICs connected to a Necus 1000V except 2 servers that have 4 NICs connected to the 1000V instead of 2. A few day...

mahbvh by Level 1
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Hi all,based on pic belowat this time and with current releases of NX-OS for N7k N5k and N1K, is it possible to link Host nr 2 in vPC Host mode (with mac pinning or not) through Nexus 1000v using two fex dual-homed in a double-sided vpc topology ?All...

l.marrone by Level 1
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Hello, I'm getting ready to ugrade from 4.0(4)SV1(3) to 4.2(1)SV1(4a).I read that first we have to upgrade VEMs and afterword VSMs.Let say that I'm upgrade only the first VEM module for some days to see if everythings is working fine. What can be the...

helenio by Level 1
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hi guysi have a nexus 1000v where i have two nics on a vm. i can ping hosts on same portgroup and same host no probs so its not esx issue.when i disable nic 0 and ping GW using nic 1 then its ok, when i enable nic0 / disable nic 1 and ping GW then it...