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Resolved! vPC and Gateway

hello guysi setup a vPC scenario as shown in the picture. server can ping and 130 and vice versa. the link failover or switch failed will work fine.but server in vPC switch ( here is server can not ping (3164-A)...

Screenshot 2021-12-19 175225.png

BGP Between Nexus and IOS Stack

 HelloPlease see attached, the x2 Nexus 5k Switches are configured has a VPC pair already VPC domain 10I want to configure ibgp between the Nexus Switches and the IOS Sack, the IOS Stack is runing EBGP peering with ISP Router,we have subnets Southbou...

benolyndav by Enthusiast
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nat outside to inside on Cisco ASA 5506-X

compliments of the season Cisco community.I want to grant permission to any client outside, to access a tcp service on server within my LAN with IP entered the instructions below but still can't access the service from outside. please can ...

abaku by Beginner
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Nexus BGP Question

HiWe have a pair of Nexus 5k in VPC domain and these connect to a x2 stack switch through a vPC, the stack switch is already runnig BGP where we peer with ISPif I were to configure BGP Between nexus 1 & 2 and Stack Switch  would I use ibgp or ebgp ??...

benolyndav by Enthusiast
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Resolved! Adding a VLAN to a VPC

Hi! I am striving to add vlan10 to this VPC trunk. Here is what  I have :int Po1swichport mode trunkswitchport trunk allowed vlan 8,9,10speed 10000vpc 10 On both switches. I just added Vlan 10 and it does not work. Any clue ?(or is it the BigIP right...

Cisco Catalyst 4500

Hi i am doing a battery count on site for EPCRA reporting and we have Cisco Catalyst 4500 on site. I am wondering if it has any battery in it?  

Rj9 by Beginner
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Nexus 7000 Upgrade Path

Good morning I have some questions about the path to upgrade a pair of Nexus 7004/7006/7010 switches (presenting VDCs and single-homed FEX)Those Nexus today have the version 6.2.16 installed To reach the version 8.2.6 or 8.2.7a, should we go to the p...