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Hi, I have some questions about VXLAN EVPN Multi-Site using BGW back-to-back model. Documentation says that the minimum back-to-back-topology is a square when having two BGWs per site. So apart from connection between sites, BGWs also have to be conn...

ab5 by Beginner
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Good morning to all of the Cisco Community, Today in the company we have a Switch model= SG300-52 52-Port Gigabit Managed Switch, as it has an uplink SFP port of only 1 GB, the need to purchase another Cisco Switch that has a 10 GB SFP port arose. ...

Hello, I connected a Cisco SFP GLC-T in a Cisco Nexus 5672UP Ethernet1/2 port. To test it, I connected a computer in that port and, after configuring the speed, it showed me the following in the show interface status command: ------------------------...

Franco R by Beginner
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I have a question on ISSU upgrade with the Cisco Nexus 9508 switches.  I read where after version 7.0(3)I3(1) ISSU is available.Is there configuration commands in the CLI that need to be done to enable this feature?  I am reading through the upgrade ...

On NX 93240-FX2 devices that use MACSEC on the  40/100 QSFP ports What does SPAN capture for MACSEC secured ports?   Does it capture the clear-text data or the encrypted stream ?I have not been able to find any reference.  Thanks in advance 

Wes Smith by Beginner
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Hi!I have following network  Initial task is to enable service deployed on both hosts (VM1 and VM2) via their loopback interfaces with address be available from any other host within same VRF in EVPN fabric and from networks behind the c...

ECMP over EVPN.png
dukenuk96 by Participant
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Vlan mapping Nexus 9516 - features not available? We are running into a very odd issue thats throwing us off a bit. Below is our hardware configuration Nexus 9516 ChassisN9K-X9564PXN9K-C9516-FMN9K-SC-AN9K-SUP-B The solution will be used for an active...