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Resolved! Back to back BGW connectivity for DCI with VXLAN EVPN Multi-Site.

Hi, our customer having 2 x DCs, wants to introduce VxLAN as a layer-2 extension approach rather than traditional way of extending vlans. We proposed to 2 x BGWs (Border gateways) in each DC that will be connected to their existing Core SWs using a d...

DF-bit ping test for jumbo frames failing but interface showing jumbo

Hi all,I have configured jumbo frames for Nexus 5Ks and and believe it to be working as I can see jumbo frames increasing on a point to point link. I am unable to test using a df-bit command from the cli as a way to confirm this is working. Is this c...

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nexus 7k C7010 IPv4 Unicast problem

hi I have problem in my nexus 7k , when I do command show hardware capacity forwarding they show me as the below before I add extend memory to the Supervisor module from 4G RAM To 8G RAM  , the problem is the  IPv4 Unicast dropped as the after Table ...

musab882 by Beginner
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Nexus 7K cant login

Hello i have an issue on my nexus 7k suddenly i cant login via console and remote but sometimes i can login, it happened randomly after i tried input my password it generate message "Process did not respond within the expected timeframe, please try a...

reylite by Beginner
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ARP request on invalid loopback interface

This is a log from a nexus 5596 running 7.1(4)N1(1). It's part of an OTV deployment (multicast based). 2023 Jan 31 16:04:26.827 PLSWCR01A %ARP-3-REQ_NON_AM: arp [3558] Sending ARP request for on invalid interface loopback1 request from p...

bogn by Beginner
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NXOS mode : Is it Possible to Use the Nexus 9300 as the parent switch for Fex 2K Fex in the following Topology?

NXOS modeIs it Possible to Use the Nexus 9300 as the parent switch of N2K fex, in the following Topology? (NXOS)N5696Q is going to be EOS/EOL @ May 2021, and for keeping the DataCenter topology as it was , so it can be expanded with Nexus 9300 instea...

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S. B by Beginner
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