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Nexus 93180YC-EX interface errors

Hey guys,there is a Nexus 93180YC-EX which is connected to a vpc pair of N5K.It looks like that:        eth1/1 -----  N5K1 (eth1/6)N9K                           |       eth1/2  -----  N5K2 (eth1/6) eth1/1 and eth1/2 on N9K are members of a portchanne...

want to get some understanding that how to integrate nexus 93180YC-EX with nexus 9504 without ACI

Hi, We need to get some help to connect our nexus switches in our data center. We want to integrate our  nexus 93180YC-EX as an access switch with my nexus 9504 as a core switch Can you please share with me CVDs of nexus 9300 and 9500 connectivity or...

Licensing on C9200-24T

Hello,We purchased, C9200-24T , that currently runs with evaluation license. It is understood that smart licensing should be enabled before expiry of eval licensing (starting with code 16.9.1) . However i would like to know what happens if i did not ...

scariaso by Beginner
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What is the most common switch used in the datacenters? Is it the 3000s (ToR) or the 2000s (FEX/leaf) I'm checking the 3048 right now since it's the basic kind of datacenter switch.

bhl88 by Beginner
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Hi Guys,I want to connect few fiber links to achieve FC between FI-6454 & MDS C9148SSo to achieve FC can I use SFP-10G-SR on FI-6454 and on MDS C9148S can I use DS-SFP-FC8G to connect each other ----------------------or-------------------------------...


Hola,Tengo 2 Nexus 5k, ambos configurados para hacer autobackup todos los viernes a las 20:00 hs. La configuración lo hice con EVENT MANAGER. A continuación los comandos que usé:action 1.0 cli enableaction 2.0 cli copy running-config startup-configac...

vane by Beginner
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