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N7K end - WTF?

Hi, I just catched, that N7k is EoL announced. What a shade. I am using good old OTV to interconnect 3 DC sites, it is running, no outage for years... The OTV technology is simple to configure, it works, is stable so why to change it?? I know, that N...

Nexus 5548 Upgrade Path

I currently have N5K-5548UP running kickstart and system 6.0.(2)N2(2). I am going to assume I can not just upgrade to the latest suggested version 7.3(3)N1(1).    Is there an upgrade path that I can take to insure the upgrade goes smoothly?        PI...

joshwa by Beginner
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Resolved! VXLAN BGP EVPN - Why VLAN for L3 VNI?

Hello Team,While I understand the concept of VXLAN and particularly BGP EVPN control plane which i like very much, there is something that is bugging me for some time. Why do we need to create a VLAN and an SVI (interface VLAN XXX with no ip address ...

blazarov86 by Beginner
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