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Cisco Catalyst 2960 - problems connecting to some websites and some network drives

I just got a Cisco Catalyst 2960 and am trying to get my network running.

2 problems

1) My computer is hardwired to the switch

-I can get access to a few websites (eg gmail; outlook mail) but most others I can't connect to - just times out


2) I have 3 NAS drives.

My Synology is visible but 2 WD systems are not.


When I connect a laptop via wifi everything is visible.


I tried changing the ports settings to PortFast on - thinking that with a stable IP for each device, this would solve the problem. 


I am not an IT specialist so any help would be much appreciated.


David Castro F.

Hey GR, 


Since it is not much clear, could your provide the following from the switche itself:

- show running

- show spanning-tree

- show logg

- show mac address-table

- show interface


Have you changed ethernet cables? probably one of the ethernet pairs could be failing and causing pkt being dropped, you could try disabling firewall on pc or AV for testing. Also the cable from the switch to the ISP modem or router, you could also change that one. If it is connected on some other way let us know, so this could give us something else o understand what might be the issue.


Note: Make sure you have a DNS configured on your NIC, and that you have reachability to internet ping


Anyways keep me posted,


David Castro,

Thanks David

I'm not certain about how to do some of what you are asking, I can see if I can figure it out.


But, very strange situation - this morning I powered up my hardwired computer - all NAS drives visible and able to be accessed, and can get on all websites.

Any further thoughts?


Hello GR,


Without logs, I cant definitely tell you what could be, there could be a lot of things, whether a pending update on the OS of the PC, long time without turning off the PC those are strange issues that happens on Windows, once you restart most of the things work. If you did not change anything physically like plug and unplug cables and so on, then it does not seem to be a physical issue for now.


Anyways keep us posted if something comes up, please rate all helpful posts,




David castro,

Still having problems.


Issues seem to be variable connectivity.

Yesterday my 2 WD NAS drivers were popping on and off when trying to access via Windows Explorer.

Also similar problems as before with only being able to access some websites.

Today, all seem to be working just fine.


Logged into the Cisco switch

I ran the trouble shooter app and everything worked just fine.

I'm uploaded the log file,  and ports monitoring download and image showing dashboard running.

Sorry, but I'm not sure if I have uploaded all that you asked for. In particular, not sure about the interface.


Tried shutting off the firewall, which didn't do anything

I am doubtful about ethernet cables - sets are new from box came with the NAS. Can't change the hardwired cable that runs through the house.


Not sure how to test "a DNS configured on your NIC, and that you have reachability to internet ping"


Any suggestions would be appreciated.







Also, when things are up and running, having problems transferring large files between NAS drives - getting Windows Error 0x8007003B -eg



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