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Cisco nexus license recovery


Good morning, I share with you that I have a cisco nexus 7010 whose license file was accidentally deleted. This nexus currently does not have a current contract. So my question is if it is possible to recover it by generating a case with the cisco TAC.



You can go to


You may be able to register your serial number in the portal even if you don't have a support contract. If the serial number is associated with a valid license and that device is not already associated with a different contract/account it will be successfully added to your portal.

From there you can download the files.

The Cisco NX-OS checkpoint feature provides the capability to capture at any time a snapshot (backup) of the Cisco Nexus configuration before making any changes. The captured configuration (checkpoint) can then be used to roll back and restore the original configuration.


The NX-OS checkpoint and rollback feature is extremely useful, and a life saver in some cases, when a new configuration change to a production system has caused unwanted effects or was incorrectly made/planned and we need to immediately return to an original/stable configuration.


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