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Data Center Design Question

I have a data center design related question. I hope I can get some feedback.


I have a medium size setup. My primary data center has a pair of Nexus 9508 in NX-OS mode. It is running vPC and provides layer 3 functionality as well. There is compute and storage connectivity. There is also a bunch of ToR switches and FEXs connected to it. I have services layer (Firewalls and Load balances etc.) attached to this pair.


I have another small data center which is next to the main data center. It has Nexus 5K as the primary DC switch. There is compute and storage connectivity as well. This functions only as layer 2 and there is also no services layer (FW etc) attached to it. So it relies on Primary data center for layer 3. You can call it as a layer 2 extension of the main data center. 


Most 9500 software upgrades are disruptive and since we do not have another layer 3 pair we have to shutdown most of services to avoid VM corruption. In order to build redundancy I am looking at an option to add a new layer 3 setup. It will serve as layer 3 for both Primary and secondary DC. I will have to convert N9500 to a layer 2 switch.


The new pair of layer 3 switch will have connectivity to services layer (FW, LB ). It will serve as Layer 3 for both DCs and physically it will be spread across the two DCs. It will have Enhanced ISSU support which N9500 still doesn't have. The new switches will have high throughut but low port density (like 40G and 100G ports). 


I am considering Nexus 9332C as an option for the new switch pair. It supports 40G/100G in both NX-OS and ACI mode.  


I appreciate you reading this long description. I hope to have some feedbacks. 



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Re: Data Center Design Question

in short that works, but are you looking active /Active DC ? To understand give suggestion better, can you post a high-level diagram 

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