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ERSPAN - Nexus

Jim Kerr

Hi All,

I have a couple of buildings using layer 3 connectivity between them and I need to complete a span session to copy the packets from Vlan 10 in Building 1 and essentially copy them into a Vlan on our Nexus 5000.

I’ve attached a high-level diagram for information.

As I see it now I will need to configure an ERSPAN using a new source Vlan on the switch in Building 1 with a destination IP address for the ERSPAN on the Nexus 7000.

My intention was probably to configure a loopback address on the Nexus 7000 which the ERSPAN will terminate on.

However, my problem is that I then need to get the copy of the packets from the ERSPAN loopback interface (terminating on the Nexus 7000) into a Vlan on the Nexus 5000.

The vlan will then be trunked to a number of servers so they can see the packets.

Does anyone know how this can be done and offer an example configuration?


many thanks


(NB, I’m completing the ERSPAN destination on the Nexus 7000 as the Nexus 5000 doesn’t support ERSPAN destination).

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