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Ethernet port (link not connect) on nexus 6000 chassis

I have a cisco Nexus 6001 Chassis and ethernet103/1/19 was in BPDU errdisable state. After resetting the port , it went into down(link not connected) state. Any help on how to bring the port up?

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Level 1
Level 1
Shutdown the port down and No Shut - repeat until it states up. If you have physically access to the port unplug any attached media and do the same.
Hope it helps...!

Update: The port again went into bpdguard errdisable state from link not connected state. Not sure what is causing this.

Andrea Testino
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Jasmine,


FEX ports are intended for servers/end hosts and not any switches. If the port is going into a BPDUGuard ErrDisable state, it means it is receiving BPDUs. You can verify via:


switch# show spanning-tree interface ethernet 103/1/19 detail  | i i BPDU|VLAN

Ideally, you should see all the received counters at 0. If you'd like to reset the counters and shut/no shut the port again to confirm, you can clear them via `clear spanning-tree counters interface ethernet 103/1/19` then check the show command above again to see if it has received any BPDUs since the counters were cleared.


P.S: All FEX Host Interface (HIF) ports have BPDUGuard enabled by default. If you can guarantee that there's no loop being created by the switch that is connected to a HIF, then you can configure BPDUFilter to prevent the port from going err-disabled. Just keep in mind that is against Cisco's recommendation and general best practices.

- Andrea, CCIE #56739 R&S