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EVPN anycast gateway and static routes to SVI or Host

I am thinking about converting our setup to use anycast gateway (EVPN) and wondering about static routes.

We have a lot of customers in our current setup that have for example a /24 on vlan SVI , and then  have a bunch of /32's or /29's etc routed to the vlan SVI or routed to another ip on that /24.  

I'm about to lab test this but thought I'd pick people's brains on here.  

With anycast gateway the SVI is on every rack switch, does this mean the static routes have to be replicated to EVERY rack switch the customer is on? what happens if is on the anycast gateway and I want to  route to  Does that route have to be statically put on every rack switch in their vrf, which means it'll show up a lot in the routing table, i assume the type 2 EVPN route will override it once it finds the host.  What if i route to the SVI? i.e. ip route VLan1234  , I assume this will advertise a type 5 route to the route reflectors, but then how does it find the host? is there some automatic provision to replicate an arp request for that ip on every vtep associated with the vrf that has the vlan svi and the static route in the table?

There isn't much documentation on this, but being a hosting services provider, one network is pretty much ALL north south, and the other network is mixed e/w and n/s. The way we have it set up right now is centralized routing, which works fine, and I'm considering if it's even worth it to go to anycast gateway for the n/s traffic network at all, especially if the administration of it (putting static routes everywhere on every switch) makes it even more of a pain.


Any thoughts appreciated before I start labbing this up.





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