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feature fabric forwarding on N3K-C3132Q-40GE



I have a couple of N3K-C3132Q-40GE with nxos.9.3.2.bin. I want to configure that devices as leaf but when I try to enable feature fabric forwarding is missing. Does N3K-C3132Q-40GE act as a leaf? Why is this feature missing?


Thanks in advance

Christopher Hart
Cisco Employee


Running an N3K-C3132Q-40GE as a leaf in a VXLAN BGP EVPN fabric is supported. Can you provide more details about the specific error message you're seeing within the CLI?

Also, can you provide the output of show running-config | include feature?

Thank you!



Sorry for my very very late reply this project was in standby. These are the features that you can enable and the output of show running-config | include feature


LF2_RK1_40G_150_42(config)# show running-config | include feature
feature scp-server
feature ospf
feature bgp
feature pim
feature interface-vlan
feature vn-segment-vlan-based
feature lldp
feature nv overlay


LF2_RK1_40G_150_42(config)# feature ?
analytics Enable/Disable Analytics!!!
bash-shell Enable/Disable bash-shell
bfd Bfd
bgp Enable/Disable Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
catena Enable/Disable catena
dhcp Enable/Disable DHCP Manager
dot1x Enable/Disable dot1x
eigrp Enable/Disable Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing
Protocol (EIGRP)
evb Enable/Disable Edge Virtual Bridge (EVB)
evmed Enable/Disable Generic event detectors
hsrp Enable/Disable Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP)
imp Enable/Disable IMP
interface-vlan Enable/Disable interface vlan
isis Enable/Disable IS-IS Unicast Routing Protocol (IS-IS)
lacp Enable/Disable LACP
ldap Enable/Disable ldap
lldp Enable/Disable LLDP
mpls Enable/Disable MPLS Services
msdp Enable/Disable Multicast Source Discovery Protocol
nat Enable/Disable NAT
netflow Enable/Disable NetFlow
ngoam Enable/Disable ngoam
ntp Enable/Disable NTP
nv Enable/Disable VxLAN
nxapi Enable/Disable nxapi
nxsdk Enable/Disable nxsdk Services
openflow Enable/Disable OpenFlow agent
ospf Enable/Disable Open Shortest Path First Protocol
ospfv3 Enable/Disable Open Shortest Path First Version 3
Protocol (OSPFv3)
password Credential(s) for the user(s)/device(s)
pbr Enable/Disable Policy Based Routing(PBR)
pim Enable/Disable Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM)
pim6 Enable/Disable Protocol Independent Multicast(PIM)
for IPv6
pnp Enable/Disable PNP
port-security Enable/Disable port-security
private-vlan Enable/Disable private-vlan
privilege Enable/Disable IOS type privilege level support
ptp Enable/Disable PTP
rip Enable/Disable Routing Information Protocol (RIP)
scheduler Enable/Disable scheduler
scp-server Enable/Disable SCP server
sflow Enable/Disable sFlow agent
sftp-server Enable/Disable SFTP server
signature-verification Enable image signature verification
sla Enable/Disable SLA
smart-channel Enable/Disable smart-channel
ssh Enable/Disable ssh
tacacs+ Enable/Disable tacacs+
telnet Enable/Disable telnet
tunnel Enable/Disable Tunnel Manager
udld Enable/Disable UDLD
vn-segment-vlan-based Enable/Disable VLAN based VN segment
vpc Enable/Disable VPC (Virtual Port Channel)
vrrp Enable/Disable Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
vrrpv3 Enable/Disable Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
(VRRP) version 3
vtp Enable/Disable VTP


feature fabric forwarding is not needed to enable VXLAN BGP EVPN on Nexus 3000 and 9000 series switches. This is used (alongside some other features) to enable VXLAN BGP EVPN on Nexus 5600 and 7000 series switches.

I recommend referencing the "Configuring VXLAN BGP EVPN" chapter of the Cisco Nexus 3000 Series NX-OS VXLAN Configuration Guide, Release 9.3(x) document for more information about the specific features you need to enable to configure VXLAN BGP EVPN on a Nexus 3132Q-40GE.

I hope this helps - thank you!