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FEX Showing offline

I am new to nexus. I am trying to connected Fabric extender  N2K-C2332TQ-10GT to  N5K-C5672UP. But the fex state is showing offline. Can any one please help me to fix this issue

I am using QSFP to connect from N5K to N2K


Please find the below results


sh fex
  FEX         FEX           FEX              FEX              Fex
Number    Description      State            Model            Serial
103        FEX0103               Offline    N2K-C2332TQ-10GT   FOC2219R





sh fex detail
FEX: 103 Description: FEX0103   state: Offline
  FEX version: Unknown [Switch version: 7.1(0)N1(1b)]
  FEX Interim version: Unknown
  Switch Interim version: 7.1(0)N1(1b)
  Module Sw Gen: 0  [Switch Sw Gen: 21]
  post level: complete
 pinning-mode: static    Max-links: 1
  Fabric port for control traffic: Eth2/3
  FCoE Admin: false
  FCoE Oper: true
  FCoE FEX AA Configured: false
  Fabric interface state:
    Po103 - Interface Up. State: Active
    Eth2/3 - Interface Up. State: Active
11/05/2018 10:50:51.086077: Offlining Module
11/05/2018 11:00:29.772467: Deleting route to FEX
11/05/2018 11:00:29.781181: Module disconnected





sh vpc brief
                (*) - local vPC is down, forwarding via vPC peer-link

vPC domain id                     : 10
Peer status                       : peer adjacency formed ok
vPC keep-alive status             : peer is alive
Configuration consistency status  : success
Per-vlan consistency status       : success
Type-2 consistency status         : success
vPC role                          : primary
Number of vPCs configured         : 4
Peer Gateway                      : Enabled
Peer gateway excluded VLANs     : -
Dual-active excluded VLANs        : -
Graceful Consistency Check        : Enabled
Auto-recovery status              : Enabled (timeout = 240 seconds)

vPC Peer-link status
id   Port   Status Active vlans
--   ----   ------ --------------------------------------------------
1    Po10   up     1                                                      

vPC status
id     Port        Status Consistency Reason                     Active vlans
------ ----------- ------ ----------- -------------------------- -----------
101    Po101       down*  success     success                    -        
102    Po102       down*  success     success                    -        
103    Po103       up     success     success




FEX Configuration


fex 101
  pinning max-links 1
  description "FEX0101"


interface Ethernet2/3
  description LEAF_SW1_TO_TOR_SW1_RACK3
  switchport mode fex-fabric
  fex associate 103
  channel-group 103


interface port-channel103
  description LEAF_SW1_TO_TOR_SW_RACK3
  switchport mode fex-fabric
  fex associate 103
  vpc 103


Accepted Solutions
Cisco Employee

Re: FEX Showing offline

Cisco Employee

Re: FEX Showing offline

Hi Rishad,


Is this a new FEX you are connecting? Have you configured the other side of parent vpc switch? If firmware miss-match is there it will go offline and come again with parent switch version. 


FEX version: Unknown [Switch version: 7.1(0)N1(1b)] 
FEX Interim version: Unknown 

If config is fine, please provide below output: 


# sh interface fex-fabric
#sh port-channel summary
# show logging last 50
show system internal fex internal errors
show system internal fex info satport all
show system internal fex info satellite all
show system internal fex log
show system internal fex internal event-history error


Please rate if you find it helpful. 






Re: FEX Showing offline

Hi Mojafri

   I checked the firmware version and it is same on both parent switches. Also both switches have configure.

Please find the below out put as you have requested. Also i have attached files some other output



sh interface fex-fabric
     Fabric      Fabric       Fex       FEX           Fex
Fex  Port      Port State    Uplink    Model         Serial
101    Eth2/1    Configured     0
102    Eth2/2    Configured     0
103    Eth2/3        Active     5      N2K-C2332TQ-10GT   FOC2219R0PB
104    Eth2/4    Configured     0


 sh port-channel summary
Flags:  D - Down        P - Up in port-channel (members)
        I - Individual  H - Hot-standby (LACP only)
        s - Suspended   r - Module-removed
        S - Switched    R - Routed
        U - Up (port-channel)
        M - Not in use. Min-links not met
Group Port-       Type     Protocol  Member Ports
10    Po10(SU)    Eth      LACP      Eth1/10(P)   Eth1/22(P)
101   Po101(SD)   Eth      NONE      Eth2/1(D)
102   Po102(SD)   Eth      NONE      Eth2/2(D)
103   Po103(SU)   Eth      NONE      Eth2/3(P)
104   Po104(SD)   Eth      NONE      Eth2/4(D)


sh system internal fex info satport all
  Interface-Name  ifindex  State Fabric-if  Pri-fabric Expl-Pinned


 sh system internal fex info satellite all
   Satellite    Type    Card id      Slot     State
 0x4002a0bf6150      345            0     35     Offline

Cisco Employee

Re: FEX Showing offline


Re: FEX Showing offline

You are right. I have just noticed it now. And trying to download OS from cisco. I hope it will work. Thanks alot for your support

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