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Host no link on N2348UPQ



I am facing a weird situation with a thin client (HP) T630 that does not connect to a FEX N2K-2348UPQ, these clients have fiber(1gig) NIC cards. HP has a similar model T620 which connects without any issues. These connections work fine in our old environment an old C4500 switch with old Sup cards.

If I plug the T630 into a Nexus 93180YC-EX it gets a link light. Just to let you know that all cabling, SFP's MM have been changed, speeds have been set on the interfaces. logs show the following on in the interface


Thank you in advance,

Cisco Employee

Re: Host no link on N2348UPQ

NICs appear to be similar except the 620 lists 100Mb , while the 630 lists a couple of options (Fiber optic adapter option: Allied Telesis AT-29M2/SC or AT-29M2/LC fiber Gigabit network interface)



Fiber optic adapter option: Allied Telesis AT-27M2/SC Fiber Fast Ethernet network interface



Allied Telesis AT-27MINI Fast Ethernet Fiber PCI Express MINI Network Interface Card


Which Fiber NIC are you using in your 630's?


Also please issue #show int eth x/x/x transceiver  details  from the parent switch for the connected ports connected to 630 models

If you are getting link light connections, you may need to check your OS level NIC driver and NIC driver settings as this may not be a switch port issue, but driver related.




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Re: Host no link on N2348UPQ

Hi Kirk,

Thanks for the detailed response, the transceiver information is as follows:
Using type is 1000base-sx
Part number is FTLF8519P3BNL-CS
Name Cisco
Revision A
Serial #
Nominal bitrate is 1300 Mbit/sec
Cisco id is 3
Cisco extended id number is 4

I am checking on the TC fiber NIC and will post it a bit later.


Thanks again.

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