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How to remove a vlan from an active uplink port profile?


Hi guys,

Is there a way to remove a vlan from an active uplink ?

I need to change some of the vlans on an active uplink, and I get an error saying that they are in use. In the lab I was able to reconfigure and remove a vlan from uplinks by removing the pNICs from every attached host in the profile. But in this case that would be disruptive.


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use 'switchport trunk allowed vlan remove'

rsn1-1c-n1k(config)# port-profile vm-uplink
rsn1-1c-n1k(config-port-prof)# switchport trunk ?
  allowed  Set allowed VLAN characteristics when interface is in trunking mode
  native   Set trunking native characteristics when interface is in trunking mode

rsn1-1c-n1k(config-port-prof)# switchport trunk allowed vlan remove

Hey, thanks for the quick reply. Here's what my uplink looks like:

port-profile type ethernet uplink-storage

  vmware port-group

  switchport mode trunk

  switchport trunk native vlan 5

  switchport trunk allowed vlan 5,6-7

  no shutdown

  system vlan 6-7

  state enabled

and then I have a port profile for the vlan

port-profile type vethernet os-storage

  vmware port-group

  switchport mode access

  switchport access vlan 7

  no shutdown

  system vlan 7

  max-ports 128

  state enabled

what I want to do here is remove vlan 7 from the storage-uplink and add it to a different uplink, maintaining my os-storage port profile.

When I do:

conf t

port-profile type ethernet uplink-storage

  switchport trunk allowed vlan remove 7

I get:

ERROR: This config blocked for system vlan profiles. Remove system vlans and retry.

If I try to remove the system vlan

port-profile type ethernet uplink-storage

no system vlan 7

This will remove all system vlans from this port profile. Do you really want to proceed(yes/no)? [yes] yes

ERROR: Cannot remove system vlans, port-profile currently in use by interface Eth3/3

Like I said in the first post, I've only been able to remove vlans from an uplink by removing all hosts pNICs from the uplinks, but I'm convinced there's a way for this to work.

Any ideas? Thanks,

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