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Interface stays in link-up State (vPC)

We have problems with a vPC on my Nexus 1000v. I have two ESX Servers in a HP c-class enclosure. I use CBS3020 Switches. On my Hardware Switches I can see my Nexus as a CDP Neighbor on every Interface it should be. On the Nexus I am missing the CDP Neighbor for the Interface Eth3/4. The status of the Interface stays in link-up state.

After changing of the Network Adapter everything works fine. After installing the original Adapter the Status is up up as well. So it can't be a Hardware malfunction. We had this problem several time now, after changing the Network Adapter everything works fine. But I don't feel very good with this problem.

Did anybody had similar problems? We use the latest Software releases, so upgrading isn't a solution.

nexus# sh int status

Port           Name               Status   Vlan      Duplex  Speed   Type
mgmt0          --                 up       routed    full    1000    --        
Eth3/1         --                 up       trunk     full    1000    --        
Eth3/3         --                 up       trunk     full    1000    --        
Eth3/4         --                 link-up  trunk     full    auto    --        
Eth3/5         --                 up       trunk     full    1000    --        
Eth3/6         --                 up       trunk     full    1000    --        
Eth3/7         --                 up       trunk     full    1000    --        
Eth4/1         --                 up       trunk     full    1000    --        
Eth4/3         --                 up       trunk     full    1000    --        
Eth4/4         --                 up       trunk     full    1000    --        
Eth4/5         --                 up       trunk     full    1000    --        
Eth4/6         --                 up       trunk     full    1000    --        
Eth4/7         --                 up       trunk     full    1000    --    

nexus# sh port-channel summary
Flags:  D - Down        P - Up in port-channel (members)
        I - Individual  H - Hot-standby (LACP only)
        s - Suspended   r - Module-removed
        S - Switched    R - Routed
        U - Up (port-channel)
Group Port-       Type     Protocol  Member Ports
1     Po1(SU)     Eth      NONE      Eth3/1(P)    Eth3/7(P)   
2     Po5(SU)     Eth      NONE      Eth3/3(P)    Eth3/4(D)   
3     Po6(SU)     Eth      NONE      Eth3/5(P)    Eth3/6(P)   
4     Po2(SU)     Eth      NONE      Eth4/1(P)    Eth4/7(P)   
5     Po7(SU)     Eth      NONE      Eth4/3(P)    Eth4/4(P)   
6     Po8(SU)     Eth      NONE      Eth4/5(P)    Eth4/6(P)   

port-profile type ethernet uplink-storage
  description uplink-storage
  vmware port-group
  switchport mode trunk
  switchport trunk allowed vlan 562-563
  channel-group auto mode on sub-group cdp
  no shutdown
  system vlan 562-563
  state enabled

interface Ethernet3/3
  inherit port-profile uplink-storage

interface Ethernet3/4
  inherit port-profile uplink-storage

interface port-channel2
  inherit port-profile uplink-storage
  sub-group cdp

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Cisco Employee

Re: Interface stays in link-up State (vPC)


can you please elaborate on "changing the network adapter" part. what are the differences between original and newer network adapters.



Re: Interface stays in link-up State (vPC)


There are no differences between the two network adapters.

That's the strange thing...

Cisco Employee

Re: Interface stays in link-up State (vPC)

when you configure the vPC-HM with "sub-group cdp" the port will be kept down until the CDP information is received from the upstream switch. There could be some delay between the availability of the CDP information and port bring up.

To avoid such delays, you can use "mac-pinning" in your uplink profile, instead of "sub-group cdp" as below.

"channel-group auto mode on mac-pinning"



Re: Interface stays in link-up State (vPC)

Seems to work on my test-environment. Can I change the to Mac-Pinning without Interrupts or do I have to work at nightime? :-)

Tanks anyway

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