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Is Netflow supported for physical ports on Nexus 6000?


We have a Cisco Nexus 6000 switch and have been using Netflow commands on it.

Those commands can only be applied on Interface Vlans, it seems, not on physical ports.


We are also using Scrutinizer (Plixer) as the flow collector.


Our switch's interface Vlan 253 is configured as follows:


interface Vlan10
description SERVER
no shutdown
ip flow monitor NEXUS6000 input sampler WORD
no ip redirects
ip address


Now, we have a server connected to a switchport of the same Vlan, with IP address

That server is sending much backup traffic every day, which exits from switch port Eth1/30, with a rate of 15Mbps.


The result is that Scrutinizer shows only traffic concerning interface Vlan10 ( and thus we cannot see this whole amount of 15Mbps of traffic. Instead, we see just some minor traffic of 1Mbps, which apparently matches interface Vlan10.


My questions:

1. Can we confirm that Nexus 6000 do not support netflow for physical ports?

2. I am apparently missing something very basic in the fact that a server's traffic is not displayed while we are monitoring the respective interface Vlan's traffic. I suspect that since we are monitoring the interface vlan via Netflow, in Scrutinizer we will just see the traffic originating and terminating to that Vlan's IP address ( and not ANY other traffic from a server within the same Vlan. Is that correct?


Thank you in advance,




VIP Advisor

Re: Is Netflow supported for physical ports on Nexus 6000?

I may be missing something here, can you please clarify this. you have mentioned vlan 253 config, and the config show as VLAN 10, Do you have any topology.


example : if you are exporting the flow on VLAN10  - if the interface ether 1/10 1/30 belong to VLAn 10 those flows will be expoerted to flow collector. other ports not going to export.


here is the example config guide :


if this not make any sense ? please explian to us in steps what you looking ( i may be wrong here some of your explanation or undertand wrong here).

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