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Mac-address table issue on N7K


The user is connected to a switch 3850, then the switch is connected to 2 N7Ks, but some endpoint's mac-address cannot be learned by N7K, then just manually to add it on N7K that can be worked, what's the problem on N7K?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I understand that you have a 3k switch connected to two uplink 7k. 


Could you please explain the query in more brief manner. 

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Yes, there are 2 uplinks between N7K and catalyst 3850, I have attached the drawing for more suggestion.

thank you very much.

I really look forward to the experts to help me with some suggestions and support. I am very grateful.

Hi Amanda,

When Static MAC is not configured, does the ping work from both N7K?

When doing ping from N7K please collect show ip arp on them, and show mac address-table address x.x.x on both N5K and the Catalyst.


Remi Astruc


Hi Remi,

Thank you.

Yes, Ping dose not work if the static mac is not configured on N7K.

Ping dose not work if the gateway IP of active switch in HSRP group is configured on endpoint.

but, Ping can work if the gateway IP of standby switch in HSRP group is configured on endpoint.

this happens on individual PCs,not all of them in same VLAN.

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