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N1K hostname change after switchover on VSphere Client



I just upgraded the N1K to 4.2(1)SV1(4a) and I noticed that the hostname switchover problem is still there.

It happends that after a VSM switchover the name on VSphere Client change from the name configured on VSM to "switch". To change the name  I have to execute hostname command on the VSM to view it again on VSpehre client. Does someone had this issue ?

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Robert Burns
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

That sounds like more of a split brain scenario than switchover issue.

Before the switchover, did you confirm the two VSMs were fully sync'd up successfully?

'show system redundancy status'

A few questions:

1. Can you replicated this behavior consistently,

2. How was the switchover initiated - manually or automatic?

3. Also you say the "name on the vSphere client changed" - are you referring to the VSM console rather?

4. Was only the switchname changed or was there any other config missing? - Normally during a split brain, some of the current config may also be missing.



yes the "sh system redundancy status" is ok.

1) Yes Iall time there is a switchover the name on VSphere Client change from real name, in my case sv4025_01, to switch

2) I did with command "system switchover" or powering down the active VSM in both case the same behavior

3) No on both console, VSM active and on VSM standby, the name doesn't change it is always sv4025_01

sv4025_01# show hostname


4) only the hostname changed but only on VSphere Client (see pictures below) not on VSMs ! VSM hosname on console, doesn't change.

Before Switchover


After Switchover

After switchover.jpg

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