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N1k interface & configuration information lost for a Test environment

Change Plan Background:

1.       This change ask engineer update network configuration on Cisco N6K -> HUAWEI E9000 Blade Chassis_CX911 Embedded Switch-> Cisco N1K so that entire virtualization platform reach network HA.

2.       HUAWEI E9000 will be asked to disconnect network during network configuration to avoid loop.

3.       Cisco N6K/N1K network modification will be started after HUAWEI E9000 Blade Chassis_CX911 Embedded Switch network configuration completed. <Still under network disconnection of E9000>

4.       All the network configuration completed, then restore network and make HA testing.

Change actual situation:

1.       First step is make network disconnection during HUAWEI E9000 Blade Chassis network configuration.

2.       Network team found port configuration of HUAWEI E9000 Blade Chassis removed from Cisco N1K automatically result in our engineer cannot do any modification.

3.       We decide to roll back after troubleshooting with HUAWEI L3 team,  due to there is no existing solution is able to resolve this issue right now.

4.       Port configuration of HUAWEI E9000 Blade Chassis restored automatically after we reconnected network.

Problem was when we remove the port-channel configuration of the 1-1X ‘s interface 10G 1/1/1 then VSM’s interface eth27/6 will be disappear and relate interface’s running configuration also will be disappear on VSM. If we use “show starup-config”  then which we could see the loss configuration .

If we resume the port channel configuration of the 1-1X’s interface 10G 1/1/1 then VSM’s interface eth 27/6 and the loss running configuration will be appear again.

How to avoid the interface & configuration disappear  on this environment?

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