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N7K-C7010 End-of-Support

Does anyone have any insight into what I am being blindsided with right now?  Here is my predicament.


1. We have two N7K-C7010 chassis that were ordered and installed several years ago with SUP-1 modules, FAB-1 modules, and M1 line cards.  We have since replaced those with SUP-2e modules, FAB-2 modules, and F3 line cards, respectively.  


2. Our Smartnet Total Care instance says everything is in-support, and there was nothing to tip us off about this.


No one batted an eye until now, I am told our chassis are EoS, and thereby, none of the new hardware therein is under a support contract right now.


I am told that we need new chassis.  What, specifically, is the difference between the old chassis, and the new Nexus 7010 chassis?


Here is the bulletin:


Again, all the components are new.


I fail to understand what the difference between the chassis in "Nexus 7010 Bundle (Chassis, SUP1, (3) FAB1, (2) AC-6KW PSU)," where all the bundled components have been replaced and are in fine working order, and "Nexus 7010 Bundle (Chassis, 1xSUP2, 5xFAB2), No Power Supplies," which constitutes where I am at now?


Does anyone have any insight?  Can anyone offer any feedback other than "you have to buy new chassis, but we don't know why," which is essentially the lip service I get from our partner?  I can't reconcile this, it's just not good enough for me.  I need more.


Many thanks for any assistance.  It's appreciated.



Re: N7K-C7010 End-of-Support

... and if you read the 2013 bulletin, it indicates there is a migration path between the old bundle and the new bundle, but a "bundle" merely represents the components that comprise it, and all of those components have been replaced.


So I continue to ask, "is there a different PART ID" for a new Nexus 7010 chassis?  Or is our partner trying to have us purchase two new chassis of the same exact type?  I hope you understand my concerns, and my request for clarification.  Thanks.


Re: N7K-C7010 End-of-Support

Output.PNGPart Numbers Per Bulletin.png

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