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Nexus 1000v Documentation & "How-To" Upgrade Videos for SV1.4

Robert Burns
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Greetings All,


As the 1000v product grows & matures, so is the expanding amounts of documentation.  To help navigate customer through features and guides, our docs team has developed a Document Roadmap guide, which will point you to the corresponding docs for various features.

Have a quick look:

There are also a new batch of videos to help guide & demonstrate the SV1.4 upgrade:

(Individual Files from link above listed below)

If you have any questions, comments or concerns on any of our documenation or videos please post them here and I'll pass them our internal teams



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Kassim Ismail

Hi Robert,

Great post, however i am unable to access the content. I get the following message:


Forbidden File or Application

The file or application you are  trying to access may require additional entitlement or you are trying to  access a file with an invalid name. Additional entitlement levels are  granted based on a users relationship with Cisco on a per-application  basis.

If you feel you have reached this page in error, please try one of the following methods to locate your document:

  1. If you are manually entering the URL into your browser  location bar, be sure to include the file name of the page you are  trying to access (file names typically end in .htm, .html or .shtml).
  2. Use the Search feature located in the upper right section of this page.
  3. Return to the Home or select a primary site area from the top navigation bar.
  4. Consult with your Cisco Account Manager to confirm you have the appropriate entitlement to access this page.

Not sure what the requirement to access the content is. We are a Cisco customer & my login id has been linked to our Cisco contract details, plus we are a UCS customer looking to run 1000v.

The video content will be very useful for us to implement the 1000v & it would be great to get access to it.



Strange.  When I just click on the links I'm prompted to enter my CCO credentials, then redirected to the proper page once logged in.

If you're still having issues ping me offline (private message) and I'll assist.  Also detail which exact links you're trying to open.




Is anyone else having problems trying to access the video content?


Robert -

Remove the "partner" from inside the urls and it will work.

(scan that list for links that start with Video).

Thanks for catching this Sandra.  All links have been fixed.


Hi Sandra,

Thanks for the info. i am now able to access the content.


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