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Nexus 1000v TRILL-FabricPath

Level 1
Level 1

Hello, I need help with setting up Cisco 1000v Switch in vmware vCenter.

What i want to do with it:

My goal is to run TRILL (Cisco's FabricPath) between few (let's say 4) switches to verify my simulation model of TRILL.

Current state

I have been able to create esxi (5.5) server as a virtual machine and connect it to another virtual machine that runs vCenter server(5.5).

I deployed Nexus .ova file into vCenter.

Now that Nexus1k is running as standard virtual machine (VM), I would like to add interfaces so I could connect it to another VM of Nexus1k.

These VMs would run TRILL between them.


When I add new interface in System Settings (for the VM) how can I utilize it inside Nexus?

Could you describe procedure how to do it, or point me to document where I could find it.

I Believe that I do not need to deploy it as a distributed virtual switch inside VMware.

Thank you!

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Level 5
Level 5

You've probably already figured this out, as this post is a bit old now, but the N1K doesn't support FabricPath.  Unless I'm missing something, you can't do what you want to do using only the N1K.  Other things might work, VXLAN of course.