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Nexus 3000 NVRam Issue

I currently have a Nexus 3048TP which presents some concerning messages about the NVRam when it's booting. I've attached a full boot log with important parts highlighted/bolded.


Booting kickstart image: bootflash:/nxos.9.2.3.bin
CardIndex = 11056
 Image valid
graphics_set_kernel_params enter:
Installing klm_card_index
[    4.681957] sd 1:0:0:0: [sda] No Caching mode page found
[    4.745347] sd 1:0:0:0: [sda] Assuming drive cache: write through
[    5.299394] sd 0:0:0:0: [sdb] No Caching mode page found
[    5.362782] sd 0:0:0:0: [sdb] Assuming drive cache: write through
remounting root with size 2048M
creating flash devices BOOT_DEV= sda
INIT: version 2.88 booting
Skipping ata_piix install for n3k.
Unsquashing rootfs ...
Total size needed in bootflash is 146936
check bootflash : OK
Total size needed in bootflash is 35820
check bootflash : OK
Removing libcrdcfgdata and linking libcrdcfgdata3nk
Enabling 8250 serial driver spurious INTs workaround
Installing isan procfs ... done.
is_lxc: is_stby: suffix:
Installing ftrace in non-lxc mode done
Installing SSE module ... done.
Creating SSE device node 247 ... done.
Loading I2C driver ... done.
Loading MEM scrub driver ... done.
Installing CCTRL driver for card_type 30 without NEED_GEM ... done.
11.04: Interrupt throttling disabled. No cctrl irq detected.
Loading IGB driver ... done.
Checking for eUSB firmware upgrade..
eUSB firmware upgrade not required

Checking all filesystems.Current boot disk sda3..

Installing SPROM driver ... IS_N3K done.
Skipping installing default sprom values for N3k...
Installing pfmsvcs module ...done.
Installing nvram module ... done.
Installing if_index module with port mode 6 ... done.
Installing fcfwd stub
Installing RNI lcnd ... done
Installing LC netdev ... done
Installing psdev module ... done.
Installing veobc module ... done.
Inserting mtdphysmap module...Inserting OBFL module ... done.
Making OBFL character devices
Mounting OBFL pstore for mtd
Inserting kernel_services module ... done.
Making kernel_services character devices
cgroups initialized
cat: /proc/isan/sw/nv_entry: No such file or directory
exit code: 1
Starting OpenBSD Secure Shell server: sshd ... done.
mkdir: cannot create directory '/lc': File exists
Trim files after extracting TOR files ...
tune2fs 1.42.9 (28-Dec-2013)
Setting reserved blocks percentage to 0% (0 blocks)
Starting portmap daemon...
creating NFS state directory: done
starting 8 nfsd kernel threads: done
starting mountd: done
starting statd: done
Saving image for img-sync ...
Loading system software
Installing local RPMS
Patch Repository Setup completed successfully
Creating /dev/mcelog
Starting mcelog daemon
Removing dme lib
Moving N3K specific syslog config file
Loading a compact image
INIT: Entering runlevel: 3
Running S93thirdparty-script...

Populating conf files for hybrid sysmgr ...
Removing bios-imgs and /lcimages
Starting hybrid sysmgr ...
Netbroker support IS present in the kernel.
Executing Prune clis.
2010   %$ VDC-1 %$ %%SYSLOG-6-SYSTEM_MSG: Invalid NVRAM Area. Reinit
2010 Jan 30 03:19:50  %$ VDC-1 %$ Jan 30 03:19:50 %KERN-2-SYSTEM_MSG: [   59.758455] Initializing NVRAM Block 3  - kernel
2010 Jan 30 03:19:50  %$ VDC-1 %$ Jan 30 03:19:50 %KERN-2-SYSTEM_MSG: [   59.758672] Initializing NVRAM Block 3  - kernel
2010 Jan 30 03:19:54  %$ VDC-1 %$ %USER-0-SYSTEM_MSG: Running compact image for this platform - pfm
2010 Jan 30 03:19:54  %$ VDC-1 %$ %PLATFORM-2-PS_OK: Power supply 2 ok (Serial number <removed>)
2010 Jan 30 03:19:54  %$ VDC-1 %$ %PLATFORM-2-PS_FANOK: Fan in Power supply 2 ok
2010 Jan 30 03:19:54  %$ VDC-1 %$ %PLATFORM-2-PS_ABSENT: Power supply 1 is absent/shutdown, ps-redundancy might be affected
2010 Jan 30 03:19:54  %$ VDC-1 %$ %PLATFORM-2-PS_RED_MODE_CHG: Power supply operational redundancy mode changed to non-redundant
2010 Jan 30 03:19:54  %$ VDC-1 %$ %PLATFORM-2-FANMOD_FAN_OK: Fan module 1 (Fan1(sys_fan1) fan) ok
2010 Jan 30 03:20:02  %$ VDC-1 %$ netstack: Registration with cli server complete

I had read that these messages may mean that the NVRam is faulty and that it should be replaced/RMA'd. I've already tried running "write erase", but these errors still appear after a reload.


Apart from these messages, everything appears to be working normally (config and OS images persists through reboots, no errors while running nxos, etc.)


Is this something I should be concerned about? Are there any additional tests I can perform to determine whether this is a hardware issue?


Did you try booting the switch with some other nxos version ?
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