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AMA event- Migrating Existing Networks to Cisco ACI

Nexus 7009 replacing SUP1 supervisors and M1 line cards with SUP2s and F3 line card.

I have 2 x 7009 chassis, each have 2 x SUP1 supervisors (NXOS 6.2(16)), 3 x M108X2-12L, 1 x M148GT-11L line cards and 5 x FAB2 fabric modules. These act as the core switches, with VPCs to downstream Nexus 5500s.

I need to replace the modules in each 7009 with 2 x SUP2 supervisors (NXOS 8.2) and 1 x F348XP-25 line card.


For each chassis, my approach would be to follow Cisco procedures to replace the supervisors, leave the M1 cards in the chassis, add the F3 card, then update the EPLD codes on all the cards/modules. Configure the F3 card to replicate/replace the M1 card connections, then patch over to the F3 card (keep-alives, peer-links, downstream VPC links, etc). Once connections are patched to the F3 card, shut/disable the M1 cards and remove, replacing with blanking modules.

My questions are;
Can I run VPCs between 2 x 7009s, 1 with SUP2 supervisors (NXOS 8.2), the other with SUP1 supervisors (NXOS 6.2)?
- I know you can't have different SUPs in the same chassis, but can you have 2 x 7009s with different SUPs installed.


Can anyone provide a time estimate as to how long the above would take?

- I need to provide the business an estimated service outage time period.





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