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Nexus 7K Sup1 to Sup2 Upgrade - Admin VDC


I read thru the migration step on document of  Sup1 to Sup2. It mentioned new feature of admin-vdc supported in Sup2 not Sup1. Current configuration of Sup1 need restore to Sup2 after upgrade.


There steps metioned, I shouldn't enable admin-vdc. Reason is  help for restoring the configuration of Sup1 to Sup2, as Sup1 have no admin-vdc feature.


But I had accidently enabled the admin-vdc. What shall I do ?  How to disable it.


Appreciate help and advice.



Step 12 If you are setting up the initial configuration for the supervisor module, the initial setup script will ask
you if you want to enforce the secure password standard. Make your selection, enter your password, and
then confirm the password by entering it again.
---- System Admin Account Setup ----
Do you want to enforce secure password standard (yes/no) [y]:
Enter the password for “admin”:
Enter the password for “admin”:

Step 13 When you are asked to enable admin VDCs, enter no.
Do you want to enable admin vdc (yes/no) [no]:no







If you do not want Admin VDC and you have accidentally enabled it then you will have to write erase and reload. However, you can keep the Admin VDC and edit the configuration file as well, keeping in mind change in VDC numbers. 





I understand the advantage of admin VDC.
But I am upgrading current N7010 from SUP1 to SUP2 , i would like to restore the SUP1 configuration back to SUP2.
Refer to uprgade guide steps 13) , it mentioned need NOT to enable admin VDC.
Current SUP1 not support admin VDC , the reason is to allow restoration of current configuration, therefore admin VDC need to disabled.

Step 13) When you are asked to enable admin VDCs, enter no.
Do you want to enable admin vdc (yes/no) [no]:no

Cisco Employee

Hello Team,


Could you please confirm what is the reason you wanted remove the admin vdc? I would suggest you to keep the admin VDC, below are the advantages.


1. VDCs are the ability to virtualize the control and data plane functions of the switch into multiple virtual devices.
2. Admin VDC, network administrators can perform common, system-wide tasks in a context that is not handling data plane traffic.
3. It is not possible to have an Ethernet interface allocated to the Admin VDC and it is not possible to have any L2 or L3 protocols in the Admin VDC.
4. Admin VDC can be accessed only via the Console or Management ports on the Supervisor modules.
5. Admin VDC also allows customers another option to secure their Nexus 7000, as they can more easily restrict access to the Admin VDC than might be
possible with a traditional Ethernet or Storage VDC. The tasks that can be performed only in Admin VDC are below:

In Service Software Upgrade/Downgrade (ISSU/ISSD)
Erasable Programmable Logic Devices (EPLD) upgrades
Control Plane Policing (CoPP) configuration
Licensing operations
VDC Configuration including creation, suspension, deletion and resource allocation
System-wide QoS policy and port channel load balancing configuration
Generic Online Diagnostics (GOLD) configuration


Shivakumar Hulipalled

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