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Nexus 9336C-FX2 breakout support

We are looking to use Nexus 9336C-FX2 switches as ACI leaves, but are unsure whether there are limits on the use of breakout cables with this switch. Specifically, how many 10G ports can be presented on a single switch in ACI mode...

I have found the following 4 relevant documents:

  • The datasheet says: "Breakout supported on all ports, 1-36: 100G, 2x50G NRZ, 40G native, 4x10/25G (10G w/QSA), 1G w/QSA except ports 1-6 and 33-36"
  • The transceiver compatibility matrix says that 40G->10G breakout cables are support on ports 1-30.
  • The NX-OS mode switch hardware installation guide says (in the first paragraph): "The ports support breakout and 10-Gigabit with a QSA adapter on ports 1-36 and 1-Gigabit with QSA adapter on ports 7-32"
  • The ACI mode switch hardware installation guide says (in the first paragraph): "All ports support 10-Gigabit with a QSA adapter (CVR-QSF-SFP10G). By default, ports 1-30 support 40/100-Gigabit breakout. Ports 1-34 support 4x25-Gigabit, and 4x100-Gigabit breakout starting from ACI release 4.2(4) and 5.0(1). This switch supports 20 breakout ports. From ACI release 3.2(3i) onwards, ports 31-34 are convert-able to downlink ports. Ports 7-32 support 1-Gigabit with QSA adapter"

Firstly, the documentation is not entirely clear about whether breakout to 10 Gbps is supported, or whether 10 Gbps support requires a QSA. I'm pretty sure it is saying that you can use either breakout cables or a QSA to achieve 10 Gbps, but it would be good to have confirmation.

Secondly, the ACI install guide says the switch supports 20 breakout ports. But there's no mention of that in the NX-OS install guide or anywhere else. Is that indeed an ACI-specific limitation? I assume it means up to 20 breakout cables can be used (but no more), resulting in a maximum of 80x 10G ports resulting from those breakouts, plus the remaining 16x 100G non-broken-out switchports. Can anyone confirm whether this is correct?

I also assume there is a typo in the ACI install guide... ie instead of "Ports 1-34 support 4x25-Gigabit, and 4x100-Gigabit breakout" it should say "Ports 1-34 support 4x25-Gigabit, and 4x10-Gigabit breakout"

P.S. I'm not really bothered about clarification on whether ports 31-36 support breakout (as we'll use those for uplinks). Although it is another ambiguity (the transceiver compatibility matrix says those ports don't support breakout; the ACI install guide says ports 31-34 do, but 35-36 don't support breakout; whereas the other two documents say all ports do).

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