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Nexus C9336C-FX2/N2K-C2348UPQ-10GE QOS Queueing


I am looking for a workable configuration, which will put some traffic to qos-group1 (infact any non qos-group0) at the FEX HIF facing Server (egress from HIF to server). On all the switches, within the fabric, i have a policy to set qos-group 1 for all traffic with dscp 10 tag. And it is working fine. 


policy-map type qos pm_qos_marking
class class-default
set qos-group 1
set dscp 10


Now what i want to achieve is, when it exits out of FEX HIF, i want this traffic to be seen in qos-group 1 queueue. But as below, all are hitting qos-group0


N9K(config)# show queuing interface ethernet 101/1/1                                                                                                                 

  Queue limit: 2096640 bytes

  Queue Statistics:
  queue  rx              tx              flags
  0      0               235967           ctrl
  1      95086           0                ctrl
  2      38221009        1808385421       data
  3      0               0                data
  4      0               0                data
  5      0               0                data



I even followed the below link and configured as below 

policy-map type qos cos_qosgroup
  class cos0
    set qos-group 1
  class cos1
    set qos-group 2
  class cos3
    set qos-group 3
system qos
  service-policy type qos input cos_qosgroup

After configuring above, i expected to see the cos values mapped to respective qos-groups based on above configuration. But it did not. Please see below. All COS values are still mapped to qos-group0

show queuing interface ethernet 101/1/1   
  queue    qos-group    cos            priority  bandwidth mtu 
  ctrl-hi  n/a          7               PRI         0      2400
  ctrl-lo  n/a          7               PRI         0      2400
  2        0            0 1 2 3 4 5 6   WRR       100      9280
  3        1                            WRR         0      9280
  4        2                            WRR         0      9280
  5        3                            PRI         0      9280

So can some Nexus QOS experts help to clarify, how i can move some traffic (preferably dscp tagged, becuase not all of our servers have trunk enabled) from qos-group 0 to qos-group 1 on the FEX HIF egress? 



Parent Switch Model: N9K-C9336C-FX2
OS Version : 9.2(3)
FEX model: N2K-C2348UPQ-10GE


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