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Ping an orphan device over a vPC

Greetings, sorry for the dumb question but I can't solve it

We have 2 Nexus 3K connected through a vPC peer link, these have VRRP configured

We have an orphan router connected to NX-1, but when we do a ping from NX-2 to this orphan router it fails

The link between the NX-1 and the orphan is a L3 link, all the rest of IPs are linked to SVI in both Nexus

We can ping thru SVI between the Nexus and from the NX-2 we can ping the routed interface of NX-1 but it fails to reach the orphan

Keep in mind that the orphan device has a default route that points to the NX-1

Any help will be gladly received and thanks

Jason Leschnik
Cisco Employee

Hi Rasco,

I've added a quick diagram below, is this currently the topology you're having issues with?

If you're using an L3 from NX1 -> R1 and pinging from NX2 I'm going to guess that NX2 doesn't have a route for the address of R1. If you do a `show ip route x.x.x.x` for the address of R1 is it empty? When you ping from NX2 do you get "no route to host"? You would need to have a static route from NX2 pointing to SVI of NX1 so it can route but without knowing the design I'm not sure this would be ideal.

My diagram might be wrong but could you provide a diagram of your current topology with the addressing and configuration?

HTH, Regards Jason.


Hey Jason
Indeed thats the topology, and we have default routes that allow routing between the Nexus and our downlink servers. But I just verified that the orphan port is not configured as an orphan and I think that could be the issue, will keep you posted if it's that problem

So researching more about orphan ports, is it possible to make an L3 port on the Nexus an orphan? or is there another way to leave the L3 port between the NX-1 and the router as L3 and still be able to ping from the NX-2 using the peer link?
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