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SAN Design with integration of New San switch


Hi team


I am looking for Design help for FC topology We have a pair of Nexus5548UP which is in NPIV mode and connected to the storage. Now we are planning to integrate additional Dell servers and 1 more storage product in FC mode for which we are buying an addition Nexus 5672UP switches pair. I  would like to integrate the new Dell servers FC ports in to the New Nexus5672UP switch  and also the new storage FC ports will be connected to the New Nexus5672UP however the New Dell servers also need to access the existing storage which is connected to Nexus5548 UP so we plan tointegrate the Nexus5672UP switches with the nexus5548UP switches in E mode. For the existing server which are connected to Nexus5548UP they dont need access to new Storage product so just wanted to confirm that the Zoning from my existing Nexus5548UP need not be redistributed to the New Nexus5672UP and the Zoning will be required only for the New Dell servers in New Nexus5672UP and Nexus5548Up. Please clarify

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