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URGENT after port change one nexus DOWN

Hi all,


after port change from fc to ethernet and restared N5K I have a problem with second N5K, this two devices are connected via peer-link and I´m receiving error log: 

%VPC-2-VPC_DELAY_RESTORE_TIMER: Delay restore tim
er will be overwritten to 150 sec when l3 is installed. Old value:(150)
2019 Sep 17 04:59:31NX1 %VPC-2-VPC_SUSP_ALL_VPC: Peer-link going down, su
spending all vPCs on secondary


%STP-2-DISPUTE_DETECTED: Dispute detected on port
port-channel1 on MST0000D


configuration which I changed:


slot 1
port 33-48 type ethernet


then I set it back


slot 1
port 33-48 type fc


Problem is, that when I run second N5K primary not working and it looks like it is because of some spanning tree issue, when I have checked sh int trunk command there were problem with: Vlans Err-disabled on Trunk.


If you need more information, of configuration please let me know.

Now I´m in state, that my interfaces are down.


Thank you

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