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[vCenter 4.0] Migrating VC SQL database...anything to do with Nexus 1000v ?

Hi all,

We need to move our VC SQL Database from Express 2005 to SQL 2008 Entreprise. I have found the following KB on VMware to do the migration :

I am fine with the VMware part, however I don't know if there is anything to do on the Nexus 1000v. Following the VMware KB, I must reinstall vCenter services to perform the migration properly. Although I am using the same database as before (therefore VC settings will remain), same VC IP and hostname, do I need to do something special with the Nexus 1K since I am reinstalling VC services ?

I am still learning the Nexus 1K. Unfortunately, the tech who installed it in our environment is not working with us anymore so we have to learn from scratch.

Thanks for your advices,


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Re: [vCenter 4.0] Migrating VC SQL database...anything to do with Nexus 1000v ?

If the VC Database, hostname, IP are all staying the same there's nothing you should have to do in regards to the 1000v.  The extension key used by the 1000v will be contained within the VC database, and since all other host resources are staying the same, the 1000v should have no issues reconnecting once VC is reinstalled and the DB restored. 

What I would suggest is right before you start the reinstall of vCenter, is that you shut down the VSMs (both primary and secondary).  This will ensure the VSM doesn't try to reconnect to VC before the Database has been restored.   Once the VC reinstall and DB restoration is complete, and hosts are showing connected as normal - then power back up the VSMs.

While the VSMs are down, all VMs will still function normally.  The only things you can't do with the VSMs offline are create new interfaces, make config changes (obvious), or perform VMotion.  All of which you can't do anyways without the VC being online anyway.



Re: [vCenter 4.0] Migrating VC SQL database...anything to do with Nexus 1000v ?

Thank you very much for that fast and complete answer, Robert.

You have answered another of my question, which was if shutting down VSMs and vCenter would impact network operations on the Nexus 1000v. I remember reading, I think it was on Jason Nash's blog, that the VEMs (these are the modules on the ESX hosts right ?) can talk to each other and that the VSMs were only for management. Your statement confirms this as well.

Out of curiosity, why would VMotion not work when the VSMs are offline ? In my case, I understand that taking VC offline would impact VMotion feature anyway, but I'm wondering what kind of operations during a VMotion are done on the VSMs.

Thanks !


Re: [vCenter 4.0] Migrating VC SQL database...anything to do with Nexus 1000v ?

I was browsing through the vCenter plug-ins in vSphere Client to make sure we had only Update Manager and VDR, and I came accross a Nexus 1000v plugin. After doing some researches, I came accross this article, which shows how to install the Nexus 1000v plugin.

I understand that this is not a "normal" plugin installation, therefore the reason why I don't have a "Nexus 1000v plugin" in the Add/Remove softwares of the vCenter's Windows. Will I need to do the procedure in the article after reinstalling VC or is the plugin configuration all in the database and the plugin will show and work fine after the VC reinstallation ?

I apologize if I am asking "dumb" questions. I just want to make sure I do the right thing, and I don't want to hire someone else to do it...I want to learn how it works.

Thanks again,


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