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vCenter reinstall, recover VEM?


Is there a guide for recovering the VEM if you have to reinstall vCenter 4.0?

The VSM (virtual appliances) seem to be running.

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Robert Burns
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Not that I'm aware of.  If you're restoring your vCenter DB, you should be fine assuming the vCenter is given the same hostname & IP as previously.

If you're building a new VC (with freash database) and just connecting your vSphere hosts to it, you'll need to re-register the VSM's extension key, and re-add each host to the DVS.

I'll check if I can find you anything more helpful.


1. Are you restoring the VC server and/or the Database from backup?

2. Which version of 1000v & vSphere Build are you running?


1. Not restoring from backup

2. vCenter 4.0.0 build 208111, ESXi 4.0.0 bld 261974, Nexus 1kv VSM 1.3


I also have a problem with a new instance of vCenter and adding an already configured VSM to it. That's my szenario:

I have to install a new vCenter instance. VSM connected to it without any problems: same key fingerprint, new UUID. While I tried to import an ESX host, I always got the message that the portsets already exists and the CreateDVS command has failed. And that's the problem: I don't want to create a new DVS, I have to use the existing one, because it is in productive use. And therefore my question: how to add a configured VEM/VSM to a new vCenter instance without interrupting productive environment?

We use vCenter/ESX 4.1 and VSM/VEM 1.3(a).

Thanks a lot in advance for all your answers ;-)

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