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Vxlan underlay backup routing SVI VLAN cross VPC Peer link interface!


 becase we config peer-gateway and peer-switch feature under vpc .

I config vxlan underlay backup routing between two VPC leafs across peer-link

config like below url said at bottom


one question:

backup routing interface vlan just exist on peer-link , but when we config peer-switch on both leafs.

we found this vlan is putted into spanning tree backup state, and interfave vlan can't get up

 and ospf can't established,

so i change this vlan spanning tree priority on one leaf switch , and spanning tree state on this vlan ( peer-link interface) change to forwarding。 


is there other solution to resolve this problem?

 thank you!












Enabling vpc peer-gateway configuration is mandatory. For peer-gateway functionality, at least one backup routing SVI is required to be enabled across peer-link and also configured with PIM. This provides a backup routing path in the case when VTEP loses complete connectivity to the spine. Remote peer reachability is re-routed over peer-link in his case. In BUD node topologies, the backup SVI needs to be added as a static OIF for each underlay multicast group.







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Rurick Kellermann
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



Did you configure the Vlan on both VPC Peers? 


May I ask, what is the version of NxOS running when you attempted to implement it?


Did you also remember to configure system nve infra-vlans <vlan-id> force for the vlan you are using for the backup routing SVI?

Hi ,

I'm trying today on 93180YC-FX3 with 9.3.8 release, the configuration as follow:


interface Vlan1
  description L3 Peer-Link
  no shutdown
  mtu 9216
  medium p2p
  no bfd echo
  no ip redirects
  ip address
  no ipv6 redirects
  ip ospf cost 1
  ip ospf network point-to-point
  ip router ospf UNDERLAY area
  ip ospf bfd
  ip pim sparse-mode


for now everythings work correctly (I've tested a failover) , in next days I'll do other test to discover something strange.


P.S. I've choosed VLAN 1 because it can't be configured in VXLAN neither per mistake, maybe the command system nve infra-vlans <vlan-id> do the same thing on another VLAN?

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