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Deploying the Cisco AVS on ACI

Cisco Employee


This video demonstrates how to deploy the Cisco Application Virtual Switch (AVS) on the ACI fabric.  UCS-B series blades are used to run the ESX hosts in this vdeo.


I have followed this video several times and was unable to ping the subnet address assign to the BD.

The issue is with the IGMP snooping policy. You show how to create the policy but you forget to mention that it needs to be assigned to the default bridge domain in infra.

Cisco Employee

Hi cooperb01,

Good catch. This is true for deploying AVS in VXLAN mode, as all communication is done over the Infrastructure VLAN. Because all communication will happen over the Infrastructure VLAN, when configuring DHCP relay policy (so that VTEPs can obtain an IP address) and when enabling IGMP Querier, the configuration is done in the Infrastructure tenant.

Here is some supporting documentation:

-Configuring the Cisco AVS

You should enable IGMP querier on the infra tenant bridge domain subnet through the Cisco APIC. See the instructions in the section "Configuring IGMP Querier."

-AVS Troubleshooting Guide

Step 4   For traffic issues involving VXLAN encapsulation, ensure that the IGMP querier and IGMP snooping policy are configured in the APIC GUI under tenant infra and infra bridge domain.
Thank you for the feedback.
Cisco Employee

Regarding the requirement for the IGMP Policy. If we enable IGMP snooping on UCS or any other bladeswitch in between the leaf and ESX, we have to configure IGMP querier on the ACI side (leaf).

If we disable IGMP snooping on UCS or other intermediate bladeswitches, then IGMP policy is not needed since the bladeswitch will flood the multicast traffic on all the relevant ports.







After upgrading to 1.0(2m) I have lost connectivity to all VM’s that use the AVS switch (in VXLAN mode).


Having checked your documentation I noticed that the “Querier IP” subnet I had created in version 1.0(1j) in the default bridge domain in the infra tenant had disappeared. I have tried to recreate it but I get a 400 denied error.


Any ideas ?




Cisco Employee


I'll need to update this video.  There's no longer the need to create a "dummy" BD subnet just to enable querier. You can enable querier on the default BD subnet instead.

I'll see if this change was properly tested.  Appreciate you bringing this up.

Another change to be aware of is you no longer need to explictly add the APIC as a DHCP provider (for the DHCP relay policy).  Each APIC will automatically function as a dhcp server for any requests sent over the Infra VLAN.



Where is the video?

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