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Horizon to TEO Tutorial Series - Process Creation Segment 3

Cisco Employee

Segment 3

This series shows how a workflow can be replicated in TEO via process creation. Users can create their own custom processes right out of the box with TEO


Hi, it would be great if someone can reupload this video series. Thanks.

Cisco Employee

Hi! I'm the author of this video. Are you a former Horizon customer? If so, I will try to dig for it, otherwise if you are just more interested in custom content authoring and process development, then I suggest you jump over to my blog and look at it. I try to post about once/month and all my topics and VODs are over custom content development. (things of all natures). The above content is very old and for the most part (unless you are a former Horizon customer) would not make too much sense with the code based CPO has now established.

You will find my blog ("Pondering Automation") @


I did checked your series (Pondering automation) and think it must be extremely useful for me. But somehow I cant open the webex playback video. With firefox nothing pops up, the browser just says please close the window.

Is the link still valid ?


Cisco Employee

Which particular one are you looking at there? I just tried the most recent entry and it was ok. You should have the basic webex stuff installed on your PC to be able to view. (might try in chrome or IE as well just to test) But I was able to load in FF just fine.

If you prefer, you may contact me directly at the email address in my profile.




I have tried chrome and IE but still failed to view the recording (Webex plugin for firefox, IE, chrome already installed).

But using with virtual machine using hyper-v, I can view the video now. Still trying to find out why my laptop can't view the video though.

Btw, great sessions. It's a pitty that there is no offline version

Cisco Employee

If you contact me directly(see my profile). I would be happy to send you the download links to the webexes so you can download them for off-line use.


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