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On-demand Webinar: Cisco ACI and Cisco DevNet - Products, Programmability and Developer Resources

Cisco Employee
About this webinar
Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) is designed API first, making it an automator’s, developer’s and programmer’s dream. When every aspect of a product is available via an API, there is no limit to the scale, robustness and functionality of integrations and applications.

Programmability, automation and orchestration capabilities have become the hottest topics in must-have product features. While some companies are scrambling to retrofit their offerings with APIs, Cisco ACI was designed API first. The API retrofitted products typically only provide a subset of the commonly used features. Cisco ACI offers access to every aspect of the ACI object model, the foundation of all ACI programmability.

Cisco DevNet is the resource for all Cisco ACI programmability needs. APIs are good; full-coverage APIs are better; full-coverage APIs combined with Cisco DevNet developer support are best. Cisco DevNet provides comprehensive programmability resources, e.g. API documentation, programmability-focused learning labs, real and virtualized hardware programmability environments, videos, blogs and more.

What you’ll learn:
What is DevNet and who can use it (Hint: anyone, you don’t have to be a Cisco customer)
What are DevNet Cisco ACI API focused resources
How to access the Always-On Cisco ACI Sandbox and how to reserve an ACI Sandbox
How to use tools like Postman to issue a REST calls that interact with Cisco ACI APIs

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