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Hi Lin,

After installing DMO on ubuntu (14.04 LTS) successfully executing the dm binary lands me to following issue

_SOCK_LISTN__fail_(sock -6000) (fcgi.cfg /home/localadmin/DMRoot/bin/obd:6000)

in dm contexts i see 2 json files

"application": {"protocol": "http", "filter-by": {"Content-Type": "text/plain"}}, "action": {"name": ["getPayload"], "type": "event", "endpoint": {"addr": "", "port": "8020", "method": "http"}}, "network": {"protocol": "tcp", "filter-by": {"sport": "80", "srcaddr": ""}}, "meta": {"context": "dm", "ruleid": "DMOSENDOBDPID12"}}

since i am trying to work on simulation as stage1, i need some clarity on the addr: srcaddr: ip's text in the json file.

Can i set it to same ip eth0 of my linux pc running the DMo?

Can you please advise the solution to this problem



Cisco Employee


The sock error is most likely because the DMO was configured to run the OBD binary (via the <CGIBINARY_ configuration parameter), but the binary was not found.  If this occurs, make sure that the binary exists at the directory indicated (I.e. /home/localadmin/DMRoot/bin in this case).



The scrcadd field in the filter rule you provided is to look for data from PID #12 (mode 1).  This is an internal interface (to the linux) that the OBD sensor is mapped to.  This interface is created by the OBD module dynamically, so it is the correct value.



Hi Lin,

Many thanks for the quick response.

I have few more queries

1) The doc you have shared refers to Data in Motion Configuration & management using CLI, doesn't it support UI configuration (http://localhost:8000)

2) Your doc also refers to download the DMo Controller OVA installation package (dmo-controller.ova), where do i find this?

3) Cisco refers to following link

to quick start on linux RHEL, and mentions about Import the rhel64_64bits.ova using either VMWare ESX/ESXi or Oracle’s VirtualBox. Where do i find this .ova?

4) Cisco Download leads to "DMO Release OVA 38_bb4e37.ova", can this be used to run on VM instance?

5) Cisco C819 router comes with IoX DMo service? which one is preferred to do a PoC from hardware prospective?  C819 or IR829?

It would be great if you can share some easy guide, steps to run the DMO service on linux pc (Ubuntu) and using Krikkit OneIOT API reference to create sample rule. I have followed your guide though i have got bit deviated with opendaylight comming into picture.

Any good tutorial on Data in Motion services (to start with configuring my Linux pc followed by procuring the cisco router) will be of great help.

Many Thanks,

Vivek B

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