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Creating Folders in a Workview


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One of the many advantages of using workviews is that you can create a Folder hierarchy with it for easy document navigation.

As an owner of a 'private' Workview or as a SPOC/Admin of a 'shared' Workview, you can create and manage a folder hierarchy. All Members of a 'shared' Workview can navigate the folder hierarchy and place documents within but only the SPOC/Admin can create and change the folder hierarchy.

Navigating the Folder hierarchy

Navigating the folder hierarchy within workviews is very much similar to navigating a folder hierarchy using your favorite file browser on your Laptop or PC.


Once you have a applied a workview, you will notice a switch in the top-left corner above the table grid. This allows you to use the Workview in 'List View' mode or in 'Folder View' mode.

Folder view.png

'List View' mode lists the documents in a flat list and very much rely on filtering meta-data to list the desired documents. 'Folder View' mode is the more classic way of grouping your documents in a folder hierarchy.

Note: Folders within workviews are 'virtual' folders, they are not physical places on a hard drive. This is best explained with an example: suppose you have 2 workviews that have a project in common '797705'. All documents uploaded to this PID will appear in both workviews. Documents are for that not duplicated but it is the same document that appears in both workviews. The first workview could have a complete different folder hierarchy than the other and the same document could appear under a complete different folder under the two workviews.

3 capabilities are provided for you to navigate the folder hierarchy within a workview :

Folders Navigation v2.png

  1. The sub-folders within a certain folder are grouped and listed on top of the list in the table grid. The folder name is hyperlinked. A double-click on the folder name navigates you into that sub-folder.
  2. The bread-crumb above the table grid allows you to navigate the folder hierarchy 1 folder level at a time.
  3. Finally the Left Pane when expanded allows you to navigate the full folder structure. Click on the triangle before the folder name to expand and expose the sub-folders. Click on the folder name to navigate to that folder.

Note: The Workview name is considered the root-folder of the folder hierarchy.

Create a folder in a Workview

Only an owner of a 'private' Workview or a SPOC/Admin of a 'shared' Workview can create a folder structure. To create a folder, first navigate to the appropriate folder within the workview where you want to create the new folder.

Click on the '+' icon and select 'Create Folder'. A new folder at the current location in the Folder hierarchy will be created.

Create folder.png

The newly created folder will be listed at the top of the list in the Table grid above the existing documents and existing sub-folders.
Double-click the line to in-line edit the default folder name (just make sure to not click on the folder-name itself which would navigate you into the sub-folder). Change the folder-name to an appropriate name and click anywhere outside the line to trigger the auto-save.
Duplicate names are not allowed at the same folder level and a validation error will be shown.

Note: The folder hierarchy is limited to 6 levels under the root folder. Further sub-folders will not be allowed and the 'Create folder' under the '+' icon will be disabled.

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