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What's new in DCP - April 11, 2021 Release


The following user stories and defect fixes were implemented as part of the April 11, 2021 release of Delivery Collaboration Portal (DCP) v2:

Changes Related to Implementation of MCC Functionality in SDP (Service Delivery Platform)-

  • DCP receives MCC content when SDP sends MCC to customer via DocuSign and receives customer-actioned MCC
  • Make MCCs created in DCP as View Only
  • Fixes to issues related to linking and unlinking of content in SDP-MCC

Changes Related to Legacy DCP Environment-

  • iCAM (Intelligent Context/Content Aware Monitoring) decommission- send DCP audit logs to the new tool CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team)

Changes Related to Activity Management fixes-

  • Make Activity Status field View Only for all users when it is in Cancelled status
  • Fix for mismatch in Actual Start Date in Essentials and Progress tabs
  • Fix for error message not getting displayed when save fails for Activities in DCP due to an Exception error
  • Fix for user is getting an exception error when canceling Activities from DCP