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An International JavaScript event - JSDay


Have you heard about JSDay in Italy? I haven't, until I've reached out to the JS community and asked about recommended JavaScript events in the world to attend, and JSDay was one of the many mentioned! JSDay.

This event is designed to gather developers in the area to network and communicate/discuss about software development. JSDay had several hundred attendees gathered to get their learning on!

Cisco DevNet, specifically Cisco Spark was a proud Gold sponsor of the event. I was also here to speak about building Chat Bots using Node.js. It was a great crowd and I had some positive feedback on my talk.


JSDay was very kind to provide a speaker's dinner offering traditional Italian food to us, since most of us were traveling from different parts of the world to speak at the event. Italian food is very different from what you'd call "Italian" in the US!

There were nothing but smiles and laughter through the whole evening dinner! This is one of my favorite things about speaking at events. The people, the conversations, the laughter, and the new friends. ;-)


The sessions were all very top notch and I felt like I got a lot out of watching the speakers. Below is Ada Rose Edwards from Samsung speaking about Progressive Web Apps. She's definitely one of my favorite speakers and someone you should definitely meet. She is filled with so much knowledge in so many different areas of tech, you will walk away breathless!


If you're looking for a JavaScript event in Italy (or in Europe) that is a more smaller (under 500 attendees) and community driven, this event is for you. Even if you attended as a sponsor, you'd will have more time to engage with attendees individually and get to know everyone.

Until then....time to find the next JS event!