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Announcing DevNet Live!

Cisco Employee

Hi friends,

We’re happy to announce DevNet Live, which is our first Cisco Developer Conference that will be held as part of Cisco Live in San Francisco on May 18-22.

As you know, we just launched the DevNet program and we worked fast to launch the DevNet Portal and the DevNet Community Forums. We're building out the platforms, tools, and SDKs. And now we're having our first DevNet Developer Conference as part of Cisco Live!

We invite developers to learn about Cisco’s APIs and SDKs and participate in hands-on labs, mini-hacks, and hackathons. We’ll have Cisco developers there to help you learn about our products and APIs and to help you write your code. Cisco Live is a huge event in itself, so you’ll not only get to meet Cisco employees, but also Cisco customers and partners who attend Cisco Live. So bring your apps and come meet the DevNet community!

We have a special $49 registration which will give you access to DevNet Live, the Cisco Live World of Solutions, and the Cisco Live keynote presentations.

To be honest, you won’t see much official marketing material for DevNet Live on the Cisco Live website (as that is a whole production that gets prepared way in advance), but rest assured the Cisco Live team is embracing us and we will be there in style in Moscone West. You can go to to register for the $49 Explorer pass and then check your interest for the Developer sessions. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend, and bring your friends too.

We invite beginning and advanced developers, as well as network and IT engineers and architects who want to learn to code. This is our first major DevNet event, and we’re excited to meet you in person!

We have lots in store for DevNet Live, but as we said, we’re agile and we’d like to get your thoughts. What would you like to see at DevNet Live? Will you be attending? What questions do you have for us?

See you soon!

Susie and Rick

Susie Wee, VP and CTO of Networked Experiences, DevNet Lead

Rick Tywoniak, DevNet Lead


Can you confirm what dates the sessions will be held on?  Thanks!

walter baziuk

What are the dates?

where can we find the proposed agenda?

why is there an extra cost given that my boss just signed off paying for $3500 for the event seminars?

i would like to participate  and share, but this is late notice as my schedule is pretty full

will devnet have a private area or room?



Cisco Employee

Hi jsteinhauer,

Cisco Live is May 18-22, and we will have the DevNet zone in Moscone West active during most if not all of Cisco Live. Specifically, we will have full blown developer activities from May 19-22. We are considering Sunday events on May 18 as well if there is enough demand.

Just to get some feedback- What kinds of apps or integrations are you writing? What would you like to get from DevNet Live?

Look forward to seeing you there!


Cisco Employee

Hi walter baziuk,

DevNet Live will be active during all of Cisco Live, in particular on May 19-22 and possibly on May 18 too. We'll post the activities soon. We will have a dedicated DevNet zone which is on the 2nd floor of Moscone West.

Anyone who is registered for Cisco Live can also attend DevNet Live without any additional charge.

In addition, we have a special registration for DevNet-only attendees. It is a special $49 registration which gives you access to all DevNet activities, the World of Solutions, and the Keynote talks. It does not give you access the broader event seminars at Cisco Live, which requires the fuller registration.

The $49 is a very special deal because we are incubating our DevNet program and we want to be very open to developers. Companies often send their Network IT engineers and architects to Cisco Live, but they often don't send their software folks. We hope the low registration encourages people to send their software folks too.

Just to collect your feedback- What kinds of apps and integrations are you interested in writing? What would you like to get from DevNet Live?



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