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Come Join Us at the Pacific Northwest PHP Conference in Seattle!

There's a lot that happens in the creation and organization of a conference. Learn what PNWPHP is? How/Why it was created? and how you can become a sponsor. Cisco will be the main sponsor of the event. Come visit the Cisco booth to learn more about the Cisco Spark and Tropo APIs!

What is PNWPHP?

There is no one true way to begin your development career. There are many starting points, and many forks in the road. Eventually, people seek out others in their city with the same affinity for their favorite language. For many developers, that language is PHP. Developers and hobbyists form user groups to establish relationships, share knowledge, and enhance their skills. People say that developers are introverted

and anti-social, but don't believe the hype. The power of community compels us. We seek out social connection just like everyone else. User groups are a fantastic resource for developers. Sometimes people want more. They want to reach across the country, to meet with people from other user groups. The best way to do that, is a conference. 

The Pacific Northwest PHP Conference (PNWPHP) is the premier technical conference for PHP and Web Developers. It is also a non-profit organization in the process of a 501c3 status. We put every dollar back into the conference and meetup for the PHP community. PNWPHP is run by the organizers of the Seattle PHP User Group - Tessa Mero (President), Andrew Woods (Vice President), and Jeremy Lindblom (Founder). The first PNWPHP conference was created in 2015 when Jeremy Lindblom, previous President of Seattle PHP, sought to solve the lack of PHP conferences in the Pacific Northwest.  He created a KickStarter campaign to raise funding for his idea. The PHP community responded positively, and gave their support in helping the Seattle PHP organizers get it off the ground.  


Located in Seattle, Washington, the 2nd annual PNWPHP conference, will be held September 15-17, 2016. A star-studded lineup of speakers will be presenting their talks and workshops over this 3-day event. The first day, September 15, consists of 6 workshops --- 3 in the morning, 3 in the afternoon. The next 2 days, 18 talks -- a mix of 25-minute and 55-minute talks -- are presented as a single-track conference. 


We're proud of our local community, and their tremendous talent. We also know how fantastic and talented the larger PHP community is.  This conference is how we connect the two. We know how important it is to meet that one person who can have a big impact on your career. We want to facilitate those connections, by bringing the two groups together. Developers attend and speak at conference like PNWPHP, because they know it's an investment in their career. However, we know that developers are only part of the community. Companies also play an important role. They provide jobs, and they sponsor events like PNWPHP, to help make them possible. Providing financial support brings visibility to your company, and helps connect you with developers in a way that using recruiters just can't match. Sponsoring events

also helps you to stay grounded in the technologies that developers are using in their day-to-day life.

With the star-studded speaker lineup, and Seattle's beautiful September weather, you really don't want to miss out on PNWPHP. Get your tickets or become a sponsor today!






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