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Day 1 in the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live US! July 11, 2016

Cisco Employee

Hurray- Cisco Live 2016 is here! We are once again hosting the DevNet Zone (Monday–Thursday, 8:00–5:00), and we’re excited to bring you over 200 sessions, workshops, and demos to extend your learning and skills across a wide variety of Cisco technologies and platforms.

There’s so much happening in the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live, it’s hard to know where to begin.  To help you sort through all the opportunities, we have a great tool for you online where you can sort the full list of DevNet Zone activities by day or topic to find the sessions of greatest importance to you. Check it out here 

It’s only Monday, and it has already been an active pre Cisco Live weekend here in Las Vegas:

Digital Network Architecture “Springboard” Event:

Our two day “DNA Springboard” gave participants a concentrated event to understand the programming interfaces needed to manage network controllers and devices, or develop applications to do the same. Using Learning Labs and Sandboxes participants learned how to use the APIC-EM REST API to automate network management, control, configuration and policies, they also learned how to programmatically control physical and virtual network elements or devices (that don’t have the benefit of a network controller) using RESTConf/NETConf protocols and YANG data modeling. 

DevNet Hackathon

At the two-day (sold out!) Hackathon, participants were able to develop collaboration-enabled mobile and enterprise apps using Cisco technology, and help save the world’s honey bee population while doing it!  That’s right, as part of a Cisco Corporate Social Responsibility initiative called ‘Connected Bees’, hundreds of volunteers are measuring bee living conditions and movements using IoT technology.

Hackathon participants were able to use this data and compete for an $8,000 prize pool working with a compelling set of APIs and platforms: 

  • Tropo - to trigger collaborative notifications
  • Spark - to enable group communication
  • Zeus - to monitor virtual machine data
  • Relayr - to read IoT sensors and data
  • Meraki - to get real live location data using beacons
  • Shipped - to help to develop and push your application into the cloud

Women in Tech “Do-ers” workshop

DevNet’s “Women in Tech ‘Do-ers’ workshop” on Sunday was all about the Internet of Things.  This was a great opportunity for women and men of all technical skill levels to get an introduction to REST APIs, learn the basics of electronics / Arduino prototyping, and create their first IoT app with our DevNet Creations project DevIoT.

Great stuff!  But that was sooo last weekend.  Now the main event is underway. Here are just a few of the Monday sessions and workshops taking place today, July 11, 2016, in the DevNet Zone:

Open Source - Is it a good bet for developing your next application?

David Neary, Phil Robb, Lauren Cooney, and Charles Eckle join moderator Lew Tucker to  discuss if the marriage with open source software and the open source community has been all they hoped it would be.

Cisco Meraki Developers: Cloud as a Platform Overview

Learn how to automate network provisioning, use beacons in your app, get real-time location data to marketing, log everything for PCI, determine user demographics from Facebook, analyze traffic patterns, and do all of this with one solution hosted by Cisco on the Meraki Cloud.

From Vision to Prototype: Practical Strategies to Drive Innovation

Adriana Gascoigne, Founder & CEO of Girls in Tech, knows what it takes to push a new business idea from the ideation phase to devising a true product concept. In this presentation, Adriana will guide you through the critical steps of innovating your idea into a viable product,

Getting Started Developing Tropo Applications

Phil Bellanti shows you how Tropo works using real-life examples.  You’ll learn how to create your own voice and SMS applications in minutes.

APIC-EM Coding for Enterprise Network Controllers

APIC-EM is Cisco's SDN controller for the Campus and WAN.  All of the services running on the controller are available via a REST API.  This hands on coding session takes you though developing small python applications to take advantage of the API's.

ACI Coding for Data Center Network Controllers

Gain the skills required to operate Cisco ACI. In this class you will be taught how to build your own scripts, and execute them, building towards a reusable simple python application to provision and manage the system.

Cisco Enterprise NFV - How the Programmable API Creates a New Model for Deploying

Services and Applications to Remote Offices

Join Madhavi Cherukuri and Kartik Shetty to learn about the different component of Enterprise NFV, the available REST and NETCONF APIs and how you can use these APIs to model your own service.

CMX API: Creating Context Aware Mobile Experiences

Get hands-on experience using the EMSP SDK for delivery of “Here I Am” and “Point-To-Point Mapping” for customers with access to the CMX solution.

IoT 201: building applications with IoX

IOx applications enable Fog computing.  In this session you will learn about IOx and how to build a simple application from the ground up using the IOx SDK.

And don’t forget to check out the complete DevNet Zone schedule at :

Please come by and code with us!


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