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Day 3 in the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live US! July 13, 2016

Cisco Employee

There has been so much action in the DevNet Zone. Developers have been getting hands on with code and new developers have made their first REST API calls. We're gearing up for Day 3 and expect the excitement to continue!

I'm a little nervous because today I'll be giving my iTalk in the DevNet Zone- Please come see me today at noon!

Here are a few highlights for today:

Cisco Live Innovation Talk by Susie Wee - 12:00pm

In Today’s Innovation-Driven Economy…Everyone is a Developer. Unleash Your Geek with DevNet

(We will have a Meraki full stack giveaway!)

When you think of a developer, you may think of an app developer, cloud developer, web developer, or mobile developer.  But in today’s innovation driven economy, everyone is a developer.  As programmable networks, network function virtualization, hybrid clouds, and the Internet of Things turn the network into a powerful platform for innovation, IT and Network Admins are becoming developers too.

That’s why Cisco is continually launching new APIs and tools that enable cross functional teams of “developers” to work together to transform IT systems, deliver breakthrough capabilities, and perhaps launch the next disruption.  And that’s why I’m super excited to be giving an Innovation Talk at Cisco Live today.  I want to dig into some of the Cisco APIs and product launches that are fueling the innovation-driven economy.  And discuss the opportunities that automation, analytics, and programmability offer at all layers of the technology stack.  For example, how can Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (DNA) accelerate and simplify enterprise network operations?  Or, how can the Meraki Cloud be used to automate network provisioning, get real-time location data to marketing, determine user demographics from Facebook, or analyze traffic patterns?

If you’re at Cisco Live, I hope you’ll join me for my Innovation Talk in the DevNet Zone today at 12:00 before heading out to lunch.

That’s just part of a great line up of sessions and workshops today in the DevNet Zone.  Here are some more that you may want to attend:

VIRL – Your Network Simulation 'Swiss-Army Knife' – 9:00am

Joel Obstfeld and Brian Daugherty will show how Network virtualization technologies, combined with context-aware configuration automation, enable a flexible environment for engineers, designers, educators and researchers to create highly functional network simulations.

Transforming network operations from configuration automation through state validation with Ansible – 10:00am

Special guest speaker, Peter Sprygada, will focus on the unique operational challenges facing organizations considering how to leverage the emerging trends of implementing agile practices to encompass the physical network infrastructure.

WAN Automation Engine API Deep Dive – 1:00pm

The WAN Automation Engine (WAE) provides multivendor and multilayer visibility and analysis for service provider and large enterprise networks.  It can play a critical role in answering key questions of network resource availability and, when appropriate, can automate and simplify traffic engineering mechanisms such as RSVP-TE and Segment Routing. In this session Josh Peters and Marcelo Silva will focus on use-cases and APIs for developers.

Introduction to Cisco IoT Tools for Developers – 2:00pm

Mike Maas and Angela Yu will present an overview of Cisco’s portfolio of IoT products – showing you how Cisco’s newest tools help developers connect, secure, and manage data streams from devices to applications.

Cisco Enterprise NFV - How the Programmable API Creates a New Model for Deploying Services and Applications to Remote Offices – 2:00pm

Madhavi Cherukuri and Yanping Qu will show you how Cisco Enterprise NFV Architecture transforms traditional branches from deploying purpose-built hardware platforms, to deploying, orchestrating, and managing Virtual Network Functions (VNF) – creating a new model for deploying services and applications to remote offices.

Spark/Tropo -Integration Platforms as a Service Real-World Use-Cases – 4:00pm

Casey Bleeker will show you how Cisco Spark and Tropo collaboration features can be combined with hundreds of cloud APIs to build sophisticated, flexible workflows via a new breed of 'programmable web' solutions from 'Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)' partners like, Zapier and IFTTT.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for what’s available today in the DevNet Zone.  Please, check out the complete DevNet Zone Wednesday schedule of sessions at  Or download the DevNet Zone mobile app from the Apple or Google App Store.

Happy Wednesday!  See you in the DevNet Zone!

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